Flexible and precise cuts are extremely important when working with wood from a hobby task or something more serious. But it is much more easily if you are one of those who devote themselves to carpentry as a career. All the job needs to be as clean and tidy as possible and to do that, you need a flexible power tool that offers the best cuts.

Several individuals have discovered that the Bosch 12-angle saw is exceptional. When it comes to sawing distinct materials, this advanced circular saw provides excellent performance. Also, the price is fair enough that you wouldn’t have to go bankrupt to get the beast. The design is sturdy, and it is suitable for different house projects. Even if you are using it for types of radial arm saws the first time, this system is really easy to use.

The GCM12SD also has a powerful motor that rotates the blade quickly, offering the best cutting capabilities. Furthermore, the saw is designed to provide any job you do with precision.

The following are some features of Bosch GCM12SD


Although the Bosch GCM12SD 120-volt miter saw is lightweight, and for very large capacities, it provides versatility. Bosch is flexible in the sense of being able to quickly cut 6.5-inch crowns compared to some miter saw. It is the kind of tool that all carpenters want in the field of liberty.

As this model is a 12-inch miter saw, so making larger or deeper cuts is not easy. By today’s standards, 6.5 to 7 inches is a lot. Moreover, a square locking device on the fence has also been introduced by Bosch.

You can make the strictest cuts you’ve ever made by hitting the lock, the unlock spot! This removes the manual work hassle and helps to keep the hands steady as you concentrate entirely on pushing the blade back and forth.

Multi-Purpose Ergonomics

The ergonomics and the steering factor are yet another impressive feature. Nearly all angle saws are made for right-handers, but the market is very saturated for the southpaw. Bosch GCM12SD is built for left-handed and right-handed users. It is like listening to the “cold” without nonsense and doing something.

Let’s say, at an odd angle, you have to make an incision and you’re right-handed, so your left hand’s orientation can be useful. Similarly, the two-way handle also provides a soft grip that lets you move the saw from one spot to another for a quick wedge cut.

Precision / Versatility

Besides being used to job done perfectly, the saw is also a versatile tool.

In this way, the fence can be locked at the table at 90 degrees. The best part is the fact that this device does not require frequent replacement. A remote control locks and unlocks the door too. You can get help for the same on this screen.

If precision is not enough, measure the setting of the saw. Irrespective of the type of the project you have, you will enjoy working with this type of saw. A wide uniform / single-sided scale and an easy-to-read stainless steel tab are required for the saw. There are also labeled partitions and roof corners on these steps.

This saw can easily be adjusted to your desires or project specifications. High-precision (19mm) bevel holes for precise cuts on a piece of plywood vary from 0 degrees, 33.9 degrees, and 45 degrees right / left.

You will also get a base that can be rotated to the right or left by 0-47 degrees. So, there are several adjustable features with this miter saw. These are highly customizable power tools that have easy working features. It can be adjusted according to your desires and comfort, or according to the project’s unique needs.

Great Design

Bosch GCM12SD was made and design uniquely. It is durable, reliable so far you are keeping it in good shape since it was built to last. There’s not too much to think about, about this saw maintenance, because it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

This device’s measuring components are outstanding. There is evidence of the effort expended in the design and calibration of oblique and oblique components. All are screaming of the highest standard under this unit. Square fences allow you to cut anything with great accuracy quickly. The base can be tilted in both directions by 0 to 47 degrees (left and right).


This saw safety is outstanding. To prevent dangerous accidents this saw features a helpful large transparent foil shield. Ensure you read the directions for use and get acquainted with the safety features even if you are an experienced user, as it is always better to be safe than to get harm. And, as you already know, if they are not handled correctly, these tools may be severely impaired.


It is surprisingly easy to use for a quality model and very intuitive. For quick and correct alignment, it comes with a square lock bracket. These fences have the feature of locking and unlocking at the touch of a button, allowing quick and easy adjustment. On the tool, anything red can be controlled. The buds are made of solid plastic, and the touch is not cheap. This saw can be locked for transport or can be locked in place for cutting tasks. The ease of cutting and smooth gliding will impress you if you are using a rail saw. You can use a hand to change the friction that the saw can use to stiffen a little if you do not like the smooth feel of the slider. Basically, for a more personalized feel, this flexible saw provides you with different settings.

Dust collection

For many miter saws, a well-known issue is their tendency to accumulate dust. This is not ideal in most situations. The Bosch GCM12SD promises about 90 percent dust elimination in the box.

That is exactly the kind of dust collection expected from a premium miter saw, and this 90% is more consistent. Already, Bosch GCM12SD has been ranked at the top of the overall market in terms of cleanliness. To speed up the dust extraction process, it highly recommends you connect it to the vacuum port.

Cutting Capacity

With a capacity of six and a half inches, this model provides a greater capacity of fourteen inches horizontally and six and a half inches vertically. The saw can handle nearly all sorts of saws. It features a pair of sliding base extensions for extra support to further improve the cutting ability.


Warranty is deemed to be a valuable user feature. Many have it that most brands concentrate on profits and thus do not take on consumers’ discomfort after-sales. But BoschGCm12SD makers are different, as all guarantees and return policies are given considerable significance.

A one-year warranty and a one-month refund policy are available with the Bosch GCM12SD. This assurance is adequate, but inferior to other business partners’ guarantees.

Is the Bosch GCM12SD portable?

The response is sadly, NO. This miter saw weighs 65 Ibs, and it cannot be classified as a portable tool. If you are looking for a suitable miter saw for building, you are advised to consider several choices.

This 65 Ibs miter saw is too large to be considered compact except you are willing to spend a bit of extra money on a miter stand.


As described above, the Bosch GCM12SD is intended for professionals or individuals with strong experience in the handling and use of this type of power tool. In fact, for this tool to produce the best efficiency, some improvements need to be made, which an amateur might find difficult to do. The quality and strength are outstanding; durability is also outstanding. And there is nothing to worry about, especially on the spare part aspect as Bosch makes the spare parts available and easy to get.

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