Thanksgiving Candle Holders: A Glowing Addition to Your Table

Hey there! The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to start decorating! As you pull out your decorations and start planning your Thanksgiving tablespace, don’t forget about an important detail that can make your table shine: candle holders. Candlelight just sets the mood for Thanksgiving, don’t you think? It’s warm, and cozy, and makes everything feel more festive. Plus, who doesn’t love the ambiance that a bunch of glowing candles brings to the table? It’s like an instant way to make your Thanksgiving dinner feel extra special.

When it comes to selecting candle holders for Thanksgiving, you’ve got lots of options to work with. And trust me, you can never have too many candle holders on your holiday table! From elegant glass hurricane vases to rustic ceramic vessels, part of the fun is mixing and matching different styles to create a look that reflects your taste.

In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to pick out the perfect Thanksgiving candle holders for your home. I’ll share some of my favorite candle holder styles and tips on how to incorporate them into your decor. Get ready to make your Thanksgiving table glow!

Selecting Candle Holders for Your Thanksgiving Table

Selecting Candle Holders for Your Thanksgiving Table

When you’re looking for candle holders to decorate your Thanksgiving table with, keep in mind the overall aesthetic you’re going for. Ask yourself:

  • Is your tablespace traditional and formal or more casual and natural?
  • Are you going for an elegant, sophisticated look or a cozy, farmhouse vibe?
  • What colors are you integrating – neutrals, jewel tones, or rustic hues?

The vibe you want your Thanksgiving table to have can help guide you toward certain styles of candle holders. Here are some of the most popular options:

Classic Glass Hurricane Vases

A glass hurricane vase is always a timeless, elegant choice for dressing up your Thanksgiving table. These cylindrical vases typically have a rounded or faceted shape and come in clear glass or various colored glass options.

I love using hurricanes because they nicely protect candle flames from drafts while also enabling the candlelight to shine through beautifully. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s fun to mix and match a few different hurricanes down the center of your table.

For a formal tablescape, look for intricate diamond or crosshatch patterns. Or go for solid colored vases in deep ruby reds and emerald greens for a jewel toned glam look. For a natural vibe, try rounding up assorted clear glass hurricanes in varying heights and sizes.

You can find hurricane vases at most craft stores, home goods stores, or online retailers at reasonable prices. They’re versatile, classy, and an essential Thanksgiving candle holder!

Rustic Ceramic Candle Holders

Want more of a farmhouse chic style for your Thanksgiving table? Rustic ceramic candle holders are the perfect pick.

Handmade ceramic holders have an earthy, organic feel that’s ideal for a laidback holiday meal with family. Look for ones made from terracotta or earthenware clays in neutral hues like beige, brown, tan, or cream. Aged, cracked, or speckled finishes add to the handcrafted charm.

Ceramic candle holders come in all different shapes – cylinders, rounds, blocks, squares, pillars, and more. For fun variety, grab a few in different heights and sizes. Arrange them in a cluster down your table’s center or stagger them on either side of your dishes.

You can often find these rustic ceramic holders at thrift stores and flea markets for super affordable prices too. With a neutral color palette, they’ll effortlessly match your existing Thanksgiving decor.

Whimsical Cut-Out Candle Holders

Want to add a fun, whimsical touch to your Thanksgiving table? Cut-out candle holders do the trick!

These vibrant holders are shaped like the fall/winter holidays’ biggest symbols and characters. We’re talking candle holders formed as turkeys, autumn leaves, sleighs, snowflakes, pinecones, and more. How cute is that? They instantly spark up your table with their nod to the season.

Look for cut-out holders made from metal, wood, or hardened plastic so they can properly hold taper and pillar candles. Place one at each guest’s table setting or scatter them down the center of your table amongst your other candle holders.

I love this style because you can really get creative with the different shapes. And they come painted in such vibrant colors like burnt orange, olive green, maroon, gold – all the fabulous fall hues. Add a touch of whimsy and fun to your Thanksgiving table this year with festive cut-out candle holders.

Gilded Gold Candlesticks and Candelabras

Candlesticks and candelabras instantly impart drama and elegance to a table. For a glamorous Thanksgiving table, break out your gilded gold candle holders.

Intricately sculpted gold candlesticks and multi-armed candelabras make such a striking statement, especially when adorned with softly glowing candles. Place a pair of tall,thin candlesticks in between each place setting, alternating their heights for dimension. Or make your table the center of attention with a stately candelabra as your centerpiece.

For an even bolder look, opt for black wrought iron or crystal candle holders with gold detailing and accents. The combo of black and gold feels rich and luxe. Use these bold holders sparingly, and let them make a sophisticated impact.

Of course, this opulent style may be too formal or flashy for some. But if you want to host a glam Thanksgiving dinner, gilded candlesticks are guaranteed showstoppers. I suggest picking up inexpensive ones from a craft or home store so you can save your fancier gold holders for other occasions.

Art Glass Candle Holders

Here’s a trendy idea if you want your Thanksgiving table to feel fresh and contemporary: art glass candle holders!

Art glass holders are handmade by glassblowing artisans, so no two are exactly alike. They have a freeform, fluid shape with swirls and bubbles of colored glass. Each one is a unique mini glass sculpture!

Group a few together in varying shapes and sizes for abstract pops of color and texture. Art glass holders look striking in deep jewel tone hues like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. The transparent glass lets the candlelight shine through for a luminous effect.

Beyond centerpieces, they also make awesome favors your guests can take home. Just be sure to grab flameless candles or tea lights to safely place inside the irregular openings.

With their handmade imperfections and bright colors, art glass holders bring a modern artistic vibe to Thanksgiving. They’re an edgy alternative to traditional candle wear.

Natural Stone and Wood Candle Holders

Want an earthy, organic look for your Thanksgiving table? Incorporate natural materials like stone and wood.

Rough-hewn candle holders made from natural wood slices have a relaxing, spa-like feel. Each piece of wood has its own whorls, knots, and grain patterns, adding rustic texture. Stack varying wood rounds in a pile for table centerpieces or scatter them down a long farmhouse table.

Stone votive holders also bring lovely nature-inspired texture. Sections of slate, marble, and agate form the cups or bases. The layering of mineral veins and colors makes each stone candle holder strikingly unique. Integrate natural agate, carnelian, or marble holders in soft neutral or pastel hues for a soothing ambiance. They’re lovely for a mindfulness-themed Thanksgiving meal.

As an eco-friendly choice, wood and stone holders align nicely with the harvest season. Their earthiness contrasts beautifully with all the sterling silver, white china, and crystal glassware found on most tables. Let these natural holders ground your Thanksgiving decor in organic style.

Pillar Candle Holders for Holiday Centerpieces

Pillar Candle Holders for Holiday Centerpieces

To make your Thanksgiving table really glow, you need to incorporate some pillar candles! Pillar candles come in so many gorgeous colors, shapes, and sizes, so they’re perfect for holiday centerpieces.

Opt for wide pillar candles to anchor your tabletop decor. Choose classic ivory, festive reds or oranges, or even seasonal cranberry or cinnamon scents. Arrange a few big chunky pillars amongst vases of autumn flowers, fruit, gourds, and foliage to build a stunning harvest display.

For a lower profile centerpiece, cluster smaller narrow pillars together on candle trays or plates. Surround them with mini pumpkins, nuts, pinecones, or other embellishments. Mix and match different heights and colors for eclectic charm.

And don’t forget taper candles in holiday colors too! Line them up in the center of your table or place them in candlesticks and candelabras. Their slim shape contrasts nicely with fuller pillars.

Pillar and taper candles also look fabulous in clear glass vases or hurricanes for bright, glowing arrangements. Definitely stock up on holiday candles and accompanying holders to spotlight your Thanksgiving tablespaces!

Creative Candle Holder Ideas for Thanksgiving

Here are some creative ideas to spark your imagination on how to use candles and holders to full effect this Thanksgiving:

  • Load up a vintage silver platter with an eclectic mix of candle holders and pillar candles in different fall hues. Surround them with pine sprigs, acorns, and crab apples for an organic autumn display.
  • Make mini s’mores station centerpieces: group glass hurricane vases filled with flicker flame candles or tea lights. Surround them with graham crackers, chocolate squares, and mini marshmallow bags for an interactive dessert table activity!
  • Craft margarita glass candles: rim martini glasses with sugar. Place a votive or tea light inside and top with coarse salt to mimic a margarita. Cluster them on trays for a fun happy hour vibe.
  • Use natural materials like hollowed-out mini pumpkins, acorn cups, or dried gourds to hold small votive or tealight candles.
  • Float candles in glass vases or bowls for flickering ambiance. Try cranberries, flowers, pine sprigs, leaves, or citrus slices as floral floaters.
  • Attach candles to a hurricane vase garland down a table runner for soft glowing lighting.
  • Display etched glass votives or monogrammed candles at each place setting. They become customized guest favors at the end of your meal.
  • Gather assorted candles down your table in a mix of sizes, shapes, and heights for eclectic charm.

The ideas are endless when you incorporate candles and creative holders! Choose holders that reflect your Thanksgiving decor theme and experiment with different arrangements until you find your perfect fits.

Safety First! Candle Safety Tips

While candles add such cozy ambiance and beauty to your Thanksgiving table, remember to always place candle safety first! Here are some key tips:

  • Keep candles away from anything flammable including curtains, decorations, and dried floral arrangements. Leave 2-3 feet of clearance.
  • Don’t keep candles too close to the edges of tables or countertops, where they can easily get knocked over.
  • Place candles on flat, stable, nonflammable surfaces that won’t tip over. Avoid displaying candles on rugs and carpets.
  • Put out candles before going to bed or leaving your home. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Extinguish pillar and taper candles if they burn down within 2 inches of holders or decor items. The closer flames get, the more likely drips will ignite things.
  • Don’t allow children or pets to handle lit candles (or lighters!). Keep taper and pillar candles in sturdy weighted holders that kids and animals can’t tip over.
  • Make sure none of your candles have flammable decorations or embellishments glued around them. These can quickly catch fire if the flames get too close.
  • Don’t burn taper and pillar candles all the way down. Extinguish them with a snuffer once they get within 2 inches of the holder bottom.
  • Keep candles away from drafts, vents, andceiling fans where air currents can blow flames to the side, spreading the fire.

I know – that may seem like a lot of precautions! But following basic candle fire safety guidelines will help ensure your holiday remains festive and accident-free. We want those Thanksgiving memories full of joy, not trips to the emergency room. So celebrate safely and let your beautiful candles shine brightly!

Pulling Together Your Thanksgiving Table Candlescape

Pulling Together Your Thanksgiving Table Candlescape

Once you’ve got your candles and holders in place alongside your finest dinnerware, linens, and serving pieces, it’s time to light them up and relish the ambiance! Here are some finishing touches that can really make your candles shine:

  • Strategically place candelabras or hurricane clusters to create pools of light that accent decor items or illuminate darker spots.
  • Make sure candle flames aren’t obstructed by vase arrangements or decor. Let their glow shine through!
  • Dim the overhead lights, fire up the candles, and pour some sparkling cider. Now your table is ready for that magical holiday glow!
  • Add ambient background music to relax and get guests mingling as the candles softly flicker.
  • Use candles with complementary scents like pine, spice, cranberry, or pecan – smells that evoke the season.
  • Don’t forget the candlelight photo ops! Capture your glowing table and centerpieces before guests arrive.

This is your time to make an impact and wow guests with your gorgeous cuisine, table settings, and ambiance. Your hard work and attention to details like candles and holders won’t go unnoticed. So on Turkey Day, shine on!


What are the best candle holders for Thanksgiving centerpieces?

For Thanksgiving centerpieces, go for classic glass hurricane vases, stone and wood holders, or rustic ceramics in seasonal colors like brown, tan, orange, and red. Pillar candles in various heights make great centerpiece anchors.

Where can I buy inexpensive candle holders for Thanksgiving?

Check dollar stores, thrift shops, sale sections of craft stores, flea markets, and discount home retailers. You can often find great deals on metal, glass, and ceramic candle holders so you can stock up!

How do I make DIY Thanksgiving candle holders on a budget?

Try turning small gourds, fruit, or pinecones into earthy holders. Hollow out pumpkins for unique votive displays. Hit up yard sales and secondhand shops to find vases, glasses, and other containers you can repurpose as candle vessels. With creativity and bargain hunting, you can make great DIY holders for little cost.

What’s the best way to light a Thanksgiving table with candles?

Use varying candle heights, shapes, and sizes to add dimension. Cluster smaller candles on platters for table accents. Place a few showstopping statement pieces like tall candelabras or glass hurricanes to anchor your table and illuminate. Mixing candle styles creates an eye-catching display.

How do I safely use taper candles on my Thanksgiving table?

Use sturdy weighted candlesticks so tapers stay upright and won’t tip over. Make sure taper candles are shorter than the height of candlesticks so they don’t burn down to the base. Place them away from table edges, decor items, and flammable materials. Trim wicks to 1⁄4” before lighting to avoid smoking and contain flames.

Circling Back

There you have it, all the tips and inspiration you need to make your Thanksgiving table shine bright with gorgeous candles and holders! With so many styles to explore – classic, rustic, modern, whimsical – the hardest part is narrowing down your favorites.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to head to the craft store, scout some sales online, and curate my perfect collection of Thanksgiving candle holders, creating a festive ambiance that complements the turkey centerpieces for your Thanksgiving celebration. Let your creativity run wild! A customized candlescape can really tie together your holiday decor and wow your guests.

This year, I hope your table overflows with the warmth of candlelight, great food, family, and gratitude. May your Thanksgiving be bright and glow with many blessings. Now go get those candles lit – it’s time to celebrate!

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