Decor trends that will devastate next season

There is nothing left for the return to school, and we have already advanced some homework. We have not been able to resist, that’s why … we present the decor trends that will devastate in the next season! Do you feel like renewing a detail of your home? We give you the keys so that your house is the first to be up to date.

In the following months, we will see that new tendencies arrive, that some of them remain, and even others that reappear from previous seasons. From the beginning, we make a compilation of decorating ideas that we will soon begin to see in interior design magazines, from small decorative details to more radical changes.

Devastating decor trends

Decor trends

1. The black reaches the entire kitchen

It is true that we were already accustomed to black on countertops, but always combined with light colors. Now, the bet is to also take it to the kitchen furniture along with the stone countertops of the same color. This monochromatic decoration is maintained in details such as the sink or all appliances, which is increasingly easy to find in black. Keep reading how can I keep a clean home when I live with a nasty roommate.

It is a daring bet, but the result is elegant, and your kitchen will have a lot of personalities. It is not suitable for houses with low light, and it is always recommended to combine it with white walls and light floors, it is a trick to gain luminosity.

2. Bathtubs with the showers

Bathtubs with the showers

We know how practical it is to have a shower, but it is getting harder and harder to resist having a bathtub like this one. Thinking about getting home and being able to relax in a foam bath is a luxury! How many reforms will have been made to change the bathtub for a shower? Well, starting next season, the trend may change direction.

Above all, the most successful are the free-standing bathtubs, those that are not built-in, which are usually simple in design and add a minimalist touch to the bathroom. If you are lucky enough to have enough space, do not forget to value this option!

3. The golden age in decoration

golden age in decoration

The copper or the metallic rose give way to gold to fill our home with brightness. The color gold is booming and will continue to be in the coming seasons. We can see it in details like handles, vases or, even, in the cutlery. For years it was left in the background, but now it is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Also, it combines with everything!

4. The geometry is kept in the main plane

geometric lines

The geometric lines arrive with more force than ever. Their success lies in the fact that they generate harmony, order, and balance. We already saw it in textiles, like cushions or rugs, but now they also stand out in tiles and floors. Another idea to add this branch of mathematics to your home is to do it with decorative, linear and light objects such as lamps or chandeliers.

If you opt for this trend, try not to overuse it, as it can cause the opposite effect and generate a stressful environment.

5. Cement as a decorative material


Time ago it was unthinkable that this construction material was decorative. The tendency was to hide it with other noble materials, such as wood or natural stone, but this has changed. The cement is very resistant, and its color is easy to combine, so it becomes the protagonist of minimalist spaces or industrial style.

We can see it on large surfaces, such as floors, pools or furniture, with the micro-cement technique that is booming. But it is also the protagonist of many DIY ideas with which to make pots or lamps.

6. Lagom, the new concept for your home

Lagom life

This time we will hear about the Swedish concept of lagom. This trend is committed to balance and spaces that are at an intermediate point, not much or little. In other words, it is the decoration in its proper measure.

Also, other keys to having a lagom house are sustainability, not buying to buy, respect both aesthetics and functionality, mixing past and present and combine work with pleasant tasks.

7. Carpets with repeated patterns


The geometry also reaches the carpets and the next autumn-winter season will become a must. They bring color and warmth to the environment, everything we look for in the cold months. You can opt for a black and white print or risk with more cheerful colors. In your house, there will be a before and after when you put some carpets like these.

8. Color the sofa

sofa in home

Since always, the favorite colors for the sofa have been the neutral ones, like the grays or the beige ones, but it is becoming easier to find tapestries of more striking colors, and that is that the tendency is changing. The sofa has a double function: decorating and offering comfort. Therefore, they are being used to give a cheerful touch to the room.

Choose a color that you know is not going to bore you and clarify its intensity with more neutral cushions. You will not regret! And if this happens in a few years, you can always put a sleeve on it. Go ahead and color your living room!

9. Yes to wallpaper


In recent years, decorative trends have been marked by simplicity, a good example of this is the minimalist or Nordic styles. However, little by little they are introducing more striking elements that bring more personality to the house. For example, the boom through the white walls has relaxed and begin to combine with wallpaper of cheerful prints.

Geometric drawings, floral patterns or small and minimalist motifs. There are them for all tastes and styles! Transform any room of your home thanks to the wallpaper.

10. The game of mixing textures

mixing textures

It’s not something new, we saw it earlier this year on Pinterest. But this time it jumps off the screen to real homes. Textiles give a lot of play and combination of all types and styles: leather, knitwear, fringes, velvet, cotton. It’s fun! This mix manages to recreate very current environments. No more matching cushions, curtains, and carpet.

11. Open your cupboards to the rest of the house


Open closets are an upward trend. Who has not dreamed of a dressing room? They are a perfect option to take advantage of space and force yourself to be more orderly. You can adapt them to any room and your needs.

This trend not only stays in the dressing room but also reaches other rooms in the house, such as the kitchen, where shelves replace high cabinets.

12. The DIY classics are maintained

The crafts continue to be the decoration of many homes. DIY (do it yourself) does not go out of style and brings the most creative and original touch to any home. Having a unique piece made by you will be an added value and will help you define a more personal style.

You already know the decor trends that will devastate the next season! Here, you will find everything you need to renovate your home with the latest ideas in decoration. Get a beautiful house without losing functionality and take advantage of the Month with the lowest costs of the year!!

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