How to feng shui bedroom with perfect decoration

When we talk about the bedroom in feng shui, we refer to one of the keys and most important rooms in a house. This space that represents our place of rest has its main function: The supply of new energy. The basic problem is that if we do not find a balanced energy source in the sleep phase, health problems and other imbalances can appear. Let’s see several points how to feng shui bedroom.

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is the place of personal intimacy, a sanctuary where one retires to achieve physical rest through sleep. But also space achieves the deepest disconnection that only provides meditation and spiritual practice. Of course, we would all have large houses with rooms to spare.

How to feng shui bedroom?

feng shui bedroom

Enjoy your space and use it to expand your achievements and your energy. But in an apartment, as is usual in presuming so much space can be risky. Is it mandatory to have that area of spirituality and relationships in the devastating decoration trends? Do not.

What not to do

A bedroom should avoid colors too cold and excessively stimulating. The effect of both groups according to Feng Shui is the same: by excess or lack generate uneasiness and hinder the rest.

not to do

We must also avoid all activating elements. So, televisions, computers, faxes, fish tanks and in general all those that are dynamic or generate noises should be avoided. That does not include the radio, the stereo or the telephone. But if the exercise bike, the table of push-ups and other objects that remind us of very dynamic activities.

It is also not advisable to see unordered papers, finished or unfinished work items, appointment reminders, tax forms, etc. I have observed all these points at my clients’ house during my consultations. They are real cases, and their effect is counterproductive to sleep, the ability to recover and have a negative effect on the vitality of those who sleep in the room permanently.

Avoid at all costs

Now there are several points that are not necessarily less harmful. You should avoid whenever possible, modifying the exact circumstances to achieve it.


Mirrors for bedroom

There should not be mirrors pointing directly towards the bed. If lying or reclined in bed I can see myself reflected we should cover the mirror or, better yet, change it. At any other point in the bedroom, a mirror will not cause problems, unless we have a negative emotional association with the object or it is broken or in poor condition.

Absence of headboard

headboard for bedroom

Although it is a well-established custom, the absence of a solid headboard is a problem because it tends to create instability and generates long-term, physical and emotional exhaustion. This includes hanging fabrics, cushions as a barrier, and even metal headboards. The headboard may or may not be attached to the body of the bed and does not have to be elaborated. It can be simple: a wood or wood lined with cloth is sufficient.

Bed under the window

Skylights directly enter in front of the door of the room. Difficulty concentrating, excessive exhaustion or strong nervousness are other symptoms. It is due to the flow of Chi -the vital energy- that moves within spaces following the same physical laws as water or wind (Feng Shui). Therefore, a bed under a window or in front of a door is subjected to a strong current of Chi, and the result is great energetic wear. Try sleeping in another position or in another room for at least a week to check whether or not the position of the bed causes the problems.

How to achieve an ideal bedroom

ideal bedroom

And how is the ideal bedroom? According to Feng Shui should have a bed not too small that was centered in the room with support elements on each side, warm lights, and soft colors.

How to place the bed?

It is important not to place the head of the bed under a sale and not behind the door. It is advisable to have the bed on the wall opposite a sale, leaving the feet facing the window. In this way, the bed does not prevent Feng Shui from flowing freely from one opening to another.

It is important to highlight the importance of the bed having a solid headboard. It may or may not be attached to the bed and does not have to be very elaborate. The ideal is a simple wooden or wood headboard lined with fabrics.

How to place the bed?

The elements on the sides can be tables or similar. They do not have to be equal or symmetrical, but harmonious. The idea is that on each one there is a point of light. Again they do not have to be the same. It allows being lit without disturbing the other side of the bed. It is important to highlight that these points are for those who live as a couple. It’s for those who want to live as a couple. But also for those who live alone and do not want to be matched, want stability, constant vitality and good health. A good bedroom is a foundation for these achievements. Choose the bedroom colors for better sleep.

Feng Shui decoration

You should avoid having more than two mirrors in the same room and in any case never place a mirror in front of another. It creates negative energy in the space. You should also avoid decorations or pictures related to water, because according to Chinese tradition, water exacerbates breathing problems, such as asthma or allergies. In the same way, it is recommended to choose furniture with rounded corners. To avoid that the edges are directed towards the place of rest.

The room must always be ordered without things on the floor or the table overloaded with objects. Add with a stable temperature, neither too cold nor too hot.

The bedroom should be a place where we can disconnect and trust ourselves to sleep, where we can recover the Chi, which will help us face the new day with good energy.


The most suitable colors are soft cakes or non-strident colors that generate settlement and tranquility: salmon, rose, earthy colors, vanilla, lemon, greens, and soft violets. It will break to create a balance through the use of complements: quilts, paintings, furniture, etc. Earth elements such as carpets, kilim, and jarapas are perfect.


Lightnings for feng shui bedroom

The lights should ideally not only be the ceiling but have multiple points inside the room: floor lamps, desktops, adjustable lights. It creates different atmospheres depending on the moment: physical intimacy, deep sleep, relaxed activities such as reading or listening to music. As we said at the beginning, meditate. Light is an element that allows the marking of different spaces even when it is shared. The bedroom should be a place of contact with the deeper inner Self through both the dream and spirituality. It is the place where we are most unprotected by completely entrusting ourselves to sleep. Here we recover the Chi that will allow us to have a new day of full and satisfactory activity.


A bedroom is considered from a general point of view as a yin area. In this situation, we must avoid being exposed to situations and unbalances continuously. If what we want is to rest frequently, our space should not be exposed to strident colors, large areas of dispersion (mirrors), continuous noise, electromagnetic pollution, air currents on the body, areas altered at the telluric level as veins of groundwater on the bed, energy crossings, etc. We could also consider digestion as a yang activity. So, do not go to bed having swallowed an entire. It is not a strict feng shui advice, but it is convenient to quote it.

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