Why is the carpet all wet todd? Get rid of it

Whether due to an unnoticed leak, a water leak, the effect of humidity or an accidental spillage, any carpet in the house could present dampness that could later lead to the appearance of mold, unpleasant odors, and even cause the fabric is irreversibly damaged, but so that this does not happen. Why is the carpet all wet todd? We will see how to remove the smell of a wet carpet step by step, and avoid the inconvenience that this condition could cause.

Why is the carpet all wet todd?

Why is the carpet all wet todd

As it always happens in these cases, as long as we treat the problem quickly from the moment it was caused, we will have more chances and ease to eliminate it. In this way, as soon as a trace of moisture is discovered on the carpet, you should immediately proceed to remove as much water as possible. For this, you can try sprinkling the carpet with baking soda so that it absorbs the water while eliminating any incipient source of mold or bad smell, or vacuum it a few times graduated wet/dry.

Wash the carpet

Once most of the moisture has been removed, you must wash the carpet with a special preparation to remove any traces of fungus or bad odor, for which you need to dissolve ΒΌ cup of detergent and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 liter of warm water. Once you have this preparation very well mixed, take a brush and, after having soaked it in the special detergent, begin to brush the entire carpet with it in circular movements.

When you have washed the entire carpet in this way, rinse it and allow it to dry well in the open, allowing you to give a final touch with the vacuum cleaner. It is convenient that all this process of absorbing moisture and washing the carpet is done outside the house, either in the patio or in the garage, and preferably where the fabric can air well for a few hours, which will be done in a better way if you place the mat on a structure that allows it to breathe on both sides.

Repositioning the carpet

Once the carpet has been washed and has dried completely, it is time to put it back in its place, but first make sure to clean the floor it was on very well, to avoid any possible regrowth of mold or moisture transfer.

This whole process may take a bit of time and work, but with it, you will be avoiding the ugly smell of damp carpets and that it spoils you. In addition, you will save a little money that you would otherwise have to pay for a new carpet.

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