15 beautiful baby shower decorations that you can make yourself

Although the baby shower is one of the few social activities in which both the mother and the baby are celebrated during pregnancy, do not be confused! This is not that kind of celebrations where you want to “throw the house out the window” with decoration and amazing baby shower decorations. It is a gathering of family and friends to support the mother-to-be with practical advice and gifts; besides that, it is a meeting that is made to see the mother before her postnatal rest.

So, to ensure that you give your guests a nice atmosphere and according to the importance of what is celebrated, but without losing all your savings in the process.

15 baby shower decorations

baby shower decorations

Today in decor ideas we bring you 15 baby shower decorations! But the unique thing about them is that you can make them yourself without spending a lot of money.

Place columns of balloons as markers

Many people arrive at the address of the baby shower but, due to lack of clarity; It is difficult for them to find the exact place where they are celebrating.

For that reason, just as traffic signals are cones; a good way to tell people “here is the baby shower”; It is with columns of balloons.

baby shower with balloons

But do not be scared! Although they sound expensive by name; they are very economical to do.

In reality, you will need about 25 balloons only, and for the base, you can take advantage of a plant that is inside a pot.

Whether you cover the entire floor so that only your balloon decoration looks that you do something together. You can point to those beautiful colors that we associate with a baby; the place where your baby shower is celebrated.

In these two examples, you can see how a decoration would look for both boy and girl; or both. Well, they can be placed next to the same door if you are going to have twins.

Give the mother something with which she can also decorate

This is a very creative way to give the expectant mother a set of clothes for her baby. Instead of the typical stockings and towels inside a box; organize them in a beautiful tower that can serve as reinforcement of the decoration.

reinforcement of the decoration.

In the picture that we show you here, you can see how the whole set of clothes for a future baby boy is organized. Similar to a cake or a centerpiece. This gift is perfect for decorating.

In the same way, you can use this idea to decorate your baby’s baby shower. Do not spend money on items that you will only use that time. Take advantage of the clothes you have bought and made these beautiful details. Moreover, you can visit this site for a great variety of baby shower wishes to wish your dear friends to make them feel more special.

A frame of balloons to take pictures with the future mom

That meeting with family and friends is recorded for life in a photograph is important. Especially for those who have traveled far to share with you so precious moment.

frame with balloons

Preparing a great framework to take photographs is a great idea, not only because of how beautiful your photos will look; but because it is something really simple and economical to do.

With a little cardboard and many balloons that match the rest of the decoration of your baby shower. You can make a frame that stands out in the room, and that draws so much attention that everyone will ask you to take the picture with you.

You can do it of two types. One of average height and in which most of the waist will appear down; or one of the whole body, so you can wear your tummy in every one of the photographs.

What matters is making sure you use a heavy enough base in case you are outdoors. Of the rest, balloons, cardboard, and silicone are more than enough.

Sweets shaped baby accessories

During the celebration of the baby shower, food is one of the aspects that can be used at all times to decorate the place. Believe it or not, it only takes a little creativity to bring candy to a level where it contributes to the scenery.

Sweets shaped baby shower

Here we show you a clear example of how you can make something simple and economical; All an attraction to your baby shower.

These soda-shaped mint candies will make everyone at the baby shower laugh and have a good time. You can even create a mini-game to see who will consume the pacifier faster.

All without investing a large sum of money; simply with a little creativity and your own hands. Well, these baby shower decorations are not sold in any store, you must make them yourself.

Retro decoration

Retroelements such as the wooden rocking horse, the cubes with letters and metal fasteners that were used before. You know, for cloth diapers.

Retro decoration

All these elements can be obtained in the house of the grandmother or someplace where they sell antiques and; Use them to decorate your baby shower.

In this main table, we can see how all these elements work perfectly aesthetically. Adding a little color here and a bit of candy over there. You can make the main table of your baby shower look like a wonderful decoration.

Letters with advice from mom

There are many things that nobody tells you, and that happen during pregnancy. It is a unique experience for which no one prepares you. And each pregnancy can be very different.

Letters with advice from mom

However, you do not have to be one of those women who keep their wisdom. Share your experiences with all those attending your baptism! Especially with those who are not yet mothers.

These small cards can be for a particular person, or you can let them take them at random. Something as simple as a bowl with a minor decoration and a sign that says “Mom’s Advice.” It is more than enough to get the attention of all people.

You can write them by hand, so they are more people or print them. The important thing is that, not only will you have an attractive and interactive decoration; but you will add value to the mothers who are to come, and you will prepare them for what no one tells them.

Illuminates creatively

If the baby shower is celebrated at night, you can take as inspiration. This idea of using accessories or utensils of mom and baby adapted as lamps.

Illuminates creatively

With these pacifiers that transmit a warm and dim light, similar to that of a candle; of insurance, you can achieve that effect we are talking about.

A baby shower celebration does not necessarily have to be during the day. In fact, it is good that this transition occurs from day to night. Also, many people will surely have their agenda free after 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

It is good that you consider this type of decorations and that you are flexible with the schedule. As if that were not enough, more than practical and tender, they are very economical. Or if you prefer. You can do them yourself, you do not necessarily have to use the pacifiers of the heteros, and you can create them with other things.

Have your centerpiece transmit purity and tenderness

One of the most forgotten accessories in the decoration of the baby’s room is the mosquito net. This mesh is no longer used, because of thanks to the acclimatization of homes and other technologies. We can protect our children from annoying mosquitoes.

transmit purity and tenderness

However, this piece of cradle was made with two goals in mind. The first, those above; but the second was to decorate the room.

Maybe your mother or your grandmother keep one, and if not. Maybe you should buy one. Due to its low popularity and demand; they are obtained at very low prices.

And well, here we show you how you can include it in the decoration of your baby shower to achieve a beautiful effect where highlights the delicacy and importance you give to the care of your baby.

Reveal baby’s name at the baby shower

Everyone knows what sex your baby is going to be at birth. But do you already know how they are going to call it?

baby's name at the baby shower

This event is ideal to reveal the name of your future child and; one of the simplest baby shower decorations to make, but that can have the most impact; It is one like the one we showed in the photograph.

You can discard the idea of a frame of balloons for photographs and simply put on a group of old boxes with decorative paper and huge letters.

Without much effort and without spending a lot of money; you will have in one corner the most important decoration element. People will no longer talk about the future baby but will be referred to by name; recognizing him as an individual and important person for society.

Of course, if it is a name with 16 letters;=. Maybe this is not the best idea to consider.

Make the most of the fireplace in your home

You do not need to rent a party room to celebrate your baby shower. Nor invest a lot of money in decoration.

Illuminates creatively

If you have enough confidence in these people to be there with you a few weeks before giving birth; surely you also trust them enough to invite them to your home.

Take advantage of those elements of the decoration of your home that are already such a solid base and that transmit so much of your personality.

Do not complicate something that in itself is very simple

Do not complicate something

Another signage to indicate where the baby shower is for those people who have never been to your home and do not know your neighborhood; This decoration that you can easily make with all the aprons that you have bought for your baby is the perfect solution for the stray.

You can use them to put your baby’s name or the word BABY SHOWER; although for this second, you will need 10 aprons. But the length of your door allows it; so act without fear.

So you practice then how to wash the baby’s clothes correctly. These aprons will be out in the open and will surely absorb some other dirt that must be eliminated.

Highlight your baby’s first pair of shoes in a dome

Your first pair of shoes. Before our baby is born, we have already chosen a thousand and one clothes with which we will dress it. However, there is always one. That special that we want to place the most.

baby's first pair of shoes in a dome

Zapaticos can be the most beautiful centerpiece if you know how to display them. A glass dome like this is a great example of how I can make a very beautiful decoration with elements that you already have at home.

Displays the shoes inside a frame

Similar to the previous idea, but with a different tone, this way of displaying the shoes can be a great way to announce the name of your baby.

Once you have reached that ideal age. You can remove the shoes from the frame and put them on. Something you could not do with the previous decoration; At least you plan to allocate space in your home to place the shoes inside the dome.

Within a picture frame, everything will be easier; you have to hang it on the wall. And, after they no longer remain. You could put them back in the frame and have them as a souvenir.

And for those couples who are waiting for the last moment to reveal the sex of their baby

The baby shower can be a double celebration. You can ask people to bring unisex gifts and announce the sex of your future child during the celebration of the birth that is around the corner.

To advertise the sex of your baby, one of the possible gifts can be nail polish. The color will vary according to the sex of your future baby.

15 baby shower decorations

Of course, for the men who attend, in case it is a mixed baby shower? This gift is not entirely valid, but getting ideas will no longer be so difficult. After all, in this article, we have given you 15 baby shower decorations. But we have many more of which you can get inspiration. Centerpieces with diapers and wipes

Again we go back to the decorations that you can make with the things you have already bought for the baby. Nothing expensive, much less complicated; but very beautiful.

In these two images, you can see how diapers and towels can become trains and babies wrapped in their blankets.

The best of baby shower decorations all that since you will have several cloth garments; you will not lack resources to elaborate this kind of decoration. Put your creativity to work without touching your budget. Your guests will love to share an intimate event with you and surrounded by all the little things about your baby.

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