Conservatory problems you will want to avoid

Is your conservatory too cold in winter? Does the roof leak or are the doors difficult to open and shut? If so, you have one of the three most common conservatory problems.

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Whenever you improve your home, you aim to get it right the first time. Here’s how to avoid those conservatory problems and add gorgeous extra living space and value to your home.

Consider the structure

If you simply want a glasshouse for a few tropical plants, a small footprint conservatory will suit your needs. However, if you envisage a beautiful space that transitions between the indoors and outdoors, you need to get the size right.

For conservatories this involves making design decisions about construction and roofing that can help prevent draughts and leaks further down the line. Consider a tiled roof if your conservatory is designed to be an extension of the living space so you can insulate and thoroughly waterproof. Then, install underfloor heating to head off those cold winter chills. If the roof areas in is need of work you should consider contacting a Gloucester Roofer like those you can find at to have the roof repaired before too much damage is caused to the inside of the conservatory.

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Choosing the right materials

Getting the construction right will help to avoid problems like leaks and faulty doors. The choice of materials will influence maintenance and temperature, so work together with a reputable company.That way, you’ll have the best choice of glazing, doors and roofing materials to ensure that your conservatory is suitable for purpose whatever the weather.

Glaze with care

Choosing triple glazing and thermally efficient glass can have a huge effect on the usability of your conservatory. Specialist glazing will be more expensive, but you’ll see a return on your investment in lower energy bills and a more comfortable environment.

One of the most common conservatory complaints is that they’re both too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. Using premium materials installed with care helps to create an ambient temperature that makes your conservatory a pleasure all year-round.

Grand designs

Whether you hanker for a contemporary glass box or a traditional orangery, the style of your conservatory dictates the design choices you’ll need to make. There’s no doubt a glass conservatory lets the light flood in, but you’ll need to consider glazing and roofing solutions. An orangery is a more weather-resistant structure, so choose high-quality materials for the perfect finish.

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