Know When Your Hope and Chilliwack Water Heater Needs a Replacement

Your water heater will serve you for a long period if it is properly maintained. However, no matter how long it serves you, the heater will eventually pack up and will need repairs or a replacement.

Before your heater eventually stops being functional, there will be tell-tale signs to show that it needs to be checked. If you can identify these signs early enough, you can either troubleshoot and fix the problem or call an expert to check it out. If the damage is irreparable, then you may need to replace the unit.

In this article, we will explain those signs that show that your heating appliance needs to be replaced.

8 Signs That Show That Your Water Heater Needs to be Replaced

1. Years of use

On average, a water heater can last for 15 to 20 years. Most heaters start to decline after 20 years. So, if your unit is older than 20 years then it is useful to start preparing for a replacement.

You don’t want unpleasant surprises like a broken heater on a cold winter morning. So, ensure that you plan a replacement as soon as possible. Visit for more info on how to get reliable and affordable water heater replacement services.

2. Rusty Water

If the hot water coming from the tap has a rusty color, then it means that the heater is rusting inside. This typically happens after several years of use.

To find out if the unit is indeed rusting, fill buckets with the hot water and see if the color is still rusty.  If it is, then you have your confirmation.

Meanwhile, one way to prevent rust in the boiler is to place zinc, magnesium, or aluminum anode rods in the unit. You may want to consider using large rods for effectiveness. Should you need to use two anode rods, ensure that they are of the same metal to avoid chemical reactions in the boiler.

3. Insufficient hot water

If you notice that the hot water from the faucet gets cold quickly, it is because you already have a sediment build-up in the appliance. As the sediments pile up, the efficiency of the unit may be affected and if left unchecked, it can lead to costly damage.

You can tell that the unit needs to be replaced if you no longer get hot water from the unit.

4. Rattling or rumbling sounds

As sediments build up in your heating unit, the heating cycle will cause the sediments to move around such that they will start to hit the walls of the unit which will, in turn, produce some sounds.

If you notice any strange sound coming from your heater, it is often an indication that something may be damaged in the heater and the unit needs to be replaced.

5. Leaks

Water leaks in a heating unit are often caused by the frequent expansion and contraction of the metals. If your heater starts to leak, then a replacement may be imminent.

Meanwhile, when you eventually decide to replace the boiler, ensure that there are no leaks from the connections and fittings that connect the unit to a reservoir.

Click here to find out other reasons that your appliance may start to leak.

6. Increase heating bills

If after you make repairs to the heater you notice a spike in your electric bills, then it is very likely that it is no longer working efficiently and is being overworked because of its age.

An expert may recommend a replacement if it is more cost-effective.

7. Frequent repairs

It is not every time that you develops a fault that it needs to be replaced. Sometimes, a repair job by an expert can fix the issue with the unit.

However, if you notice that the repairs have been too frequent, then a replacement may be a more viable and cost-effective option for you.

If at all repairs are done on the appliance, it shouldn’t be more than twice a year.


Water heaters are practical lifesavers during the cold season. A good one will serve you for a long time.

As with most machines, this heating unit is also prone to damage from age and wear and tear, among other factors.

You’ll need an expert to assess any issues you may have with the heater. If they discover that the issues are severe, they will advise a replacement.

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