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A stove adds a wonderful focal point to any room in the home, and it can be more affordable than you might think. A stove is a decent alternative to an open fire, and it is a safer and more efficient source of heat. They are available in a range of sizes and designs, so there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. A professionally installed multi-fuel or wood-burning stove is a thing of beauty that will give you years of faithful service.

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Stoves do vary in price, so you need to have an idea of how much you want to invest before you start to shop around. You may also need to factor in the cost of having your chimney lined and the installation fee.


It is very important to calculate the best size of stove to suit your particular needs. The bigger the stove, the more heat they emit, and a large stove in a small room can be overpowering. Conversely, if you go too small, you may find that you still need to use alternative methods of heating the space. Generally speaking, you should allow 1kW of heat per 14 cubic metres.

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Once you have bought one of these you don’t really want to have to geo and get it and have to put it in the back of your car.  Although it might not even fit.  The best thing to do is get a Same Day Courier Slough company to do this for you found on links such as

Wood Burners

Defra approved multi fuel wood burning stoves tick all the boxes when it comes to charm, atmosphere, good value for money and aesthetics.  Always ensure you use high-quality and well-seasoned wood to get the best burn with the least ash. Wood burners are more suited to homes where you plan to heat just one room. You will need to check whether you are in a smoke-free zone at


Multi-fuel models are extremely flexible; you can opt to burn wood, coal and smokeless fuels in them. This means that you get the advantages of a wood burner coupled with the long-lasting, more intense flames that coal offers. A multi-fuel stove really comes into its own in those “in-between” months when you need some heat but don’t wish to turn on the central heating. As a further bonus, you may notice a reduction in your heating bill when using a stove of this type.

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