Gonna Build A House, with a Chimney tall!

Sitting comfortably on the carpet, cuddling their favourite teddy bear, many children LOVE to listen to stories, songs and nursery rhymes.  Snuggled up with a cosy blanket, warm and happy they listen attentively and join in enthusiastically when they can.  These enjoyable family times provide great teaching opportunities, colours, numbers, shapes, letters, listening and learning skills.  One of many favourite songs that teaches children listening skills at the same time as having fun is

“Gonna build a House” (child repeats) “Gonna build a house”

“With a chimney tall” (child repeats) “With a chimney tall”

“Gonna build a roof” (repeat)

“And a garden wall” (repeat)

Together they sing, “With a big front door you can open wide, two big windows to look inside, gonna build a house, gonna build a house, gonna build a house”!

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Apart from having fun, children learn and as adults we learn about keeping our homes safe and warm, having a new central heating system fitted by any registered company or a Cheltenham Boiler installation could be the answer to cutting down on costly bills.

This song teaches shapes and uses hand movements and gestures so that the children sing and draw with their hands in the air, first a square representing the house, then a long thin rectangle to show a chimney. A large triangle shows the roof, the garden wall is a long sideways rectangle followed by, a smaller rectangle for the door and two small squares for the windows.  Fun and learning all wrapped up in a children’s song, easy, informative and good for young and old alike.

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