Unusual Materials Used to Build Roofs

Among the unusual materials that have been used in building roofs is seaweed. On the Danish island of Laeso, houses have been made from eelgrass, which can last up to 300 years. Because deforestation has destroyed the island’s forests, locals have turned to seaweed, which can last a surprisingly long time. Seaweed is waterproof, durable and is often combined with wool to add insulating and binding properties.

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Plastic bottles are another of the unusual materials that have been used to build roofs. In 2013, over 7,000 plastic bottles were used to build a colourful roof for a cabin at Deen City Farm in London. Old plastic for sale signs and plastic piping were also incorporated into the design. The Fizzy Bottle Project involved flattening the bottles and fixing them together to make shingles. Another unusual roofing material choice is that of the Green or Living Roof. These will probably become an increasingly popular sight as homeowners look to live in more sustainable ways. For help with more traditional Roofing Materials, go to https://www.the-roof-shop.co.uk/

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The vast majority of metal roofing is made from steel panels. Steel is manufactured in large integrated mills and is usually recycled with at least 20% post-consumer content. This material is shaped like a sheet with an exposed seam. It is also highly flexible and can be molded into any shape or size. Compared to corrugated steel, upcycled plastic shingles are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional materials.

Other unusual materials used to build roofs include recycled tyres. Wood is becoming increasingly popular but roofing materials made from cedar are the most expensive of all the materials used to build roofs.


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