How to choose the ironing board with cabinet for your living room

If you ask a hundred housewives what is the most difficult activity that takes place inside the house and which would gladly do without. Certainly, most of them will answer ironing. It is a tiring activity and can sometimes take several hours. If at home there are more people using shirts to go to work, the time it takes to stretch them increases exponentially. But why is ironing so hard? Most people get tired because they do not use a proper ironing board with cabinet. Maybe it’s too low, and you have to be bent for several hours, with irreparable consequences to the back, others buy the table ones, resulting too high and tiring the arms considerably.

In short, buying a proper ironing board is the first step to make the ironing activity less tiring. In all this then a good hand will also give you the iron that you buy, but maintaining a correct posture while ironing that mountain of clothes is the first thing to consider. On the market, there are different types of the ironing board with cabinets, including those from the ground, those from the table, the furniture and the retractable ones that hang on the wall. Probably the most comfortable and complete ones are those from the ground.

ironing board cabinet height


Adjustable height: it is important that an ironing board has adjustable height, to avoid bending

Weight: some are equipped with wheels, others not, so for a more comfortable transport it is necessary that the axle is not too heavy

Shelves: they are never enough when you iron, you can lean on everyone, from clothes to products for ironing

Discount: this is the percentage of discount made by the best seller on the list price

Main characteristics of an ironing board with cabinet

ironing board cabinet characteristic

On the market, we can find an infinite number of ironing board models. But what are the main characteristics to consider in order not to make mistakes? Let’s see them together.

Height: Choosing an ironing board with cabinet with adjustable height is probably the best solution. Usually, a professional ironing board measures 120 x 30 cm, but the most important is the height data that can vary between 75 and 85 cm. The most important thing if you choose a “fixed” ironing board is that the support surface is at the height of your pelvis, this will allow you to acquire a correct posture during ironing, making you wear less and making it less tiring your job.

Easel: The easel is one of the most important elements in an ironing board. It is he who makes the board stand up and open properly. If this were to disengage, it would be a disaster. So it is good to choose a model with a solid tripod. Usually, these are made of wood, metal or plastic. Choosing a plastic model is perhaps the best solution as it cannot be attacked by moisture and rust.

The grid: A self- respecting ironing board should always have a grid where to place the iron during ironing, but above all, it should have a shelf where to place the boiler and clothes, if it does not have the axis becomes only a floor ‘support, also quite inconvenient.

The padding: This is very important, having a padding of half a centimeter, rather than one millimeter, more security, but above all a better support to iron at best.

Fireproof cover: It is important to consider also the purchase of a fireproof cover to avoid unpleasant problems due to heat. It would be a pity if I ruined your favorite shirt for a little distraction, which due to too much heat has stuck to the lining of the lining.

Ground or wallboard for ironing?

Modern ironing board cabinet

Buying an ironing board with cabinet may require more attention than you think. First of all, we have to consider the space you have at home to position it, but above all the place where it will be stored. If you do not have a closet in your home, an empty corner, a large wardrobe, the ideal solution for you could be a wall-mounted ironing board with cabinet. They are comfortable as they do not take up space around the house, you can mount them at the height you want, without having to worry anymore whether it is adjustable or not. But this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Do you think that maybe you are adjusted on your height, one day you are tired, and you want your daughter to stretch in your place, for her that maybe she has a height different from yours, it could be very uncomfortable.

At this point it may be necessary to have an ironing board from the ground, always assuming you have where to store it, but which has an adjustable height. The ironing boards can be made of wood or iron. Usually, the wooden ones cost something more, being stronger and longer lasting. Often, however, they are not adjustable, while for those in iron there is more choice. Also the weight changes according to the materials with which the axis is built. We must therefore also consider its weight and whether it is easily transportable or not. Some models are foldable and have wheels, others are not, so considering buying a lighter model is the best thing.

Ironing board with cabinet depending on the iron


Depending on the iron you buy, you must then consider the purchase of an ironing board suitable for it. If you buy a normal iron, without a boiler, cheap and light, then you can also buy a folding iron ironing board and without a shelf. If you buy an iron with a boiler, you should consider different ironing board models. First of all, if you have the boiler, you have to consider that the total weight of iron + boiler + water can exceed 6/7 kg. If you place it on an economic and light ironing board, it could overturn, with all the consequences of the case. Iron destroyed, half a day lost to cleaning up the house, chipped tiles and who knows what other tragedy.

When you buy an iron with a boiler, which is also quite expensive, you must also buy a suitable ironing board. A model with a shelf large enough to rest everything above and above that is resistant, refer to the instructions of the axis to see if it can bear a certain weight. Another axis to consider could be the one that includes the cabinet. It is convenient as it is possible to store the iron with the whole boiler inside, to always have everything at your fingertips. The only drawback, in this case, is the overall size of the whole structure, an ironing board with cabinet can be quite heavy and bulky. So, if you do not have the necessary space, your purchase could be completely wrong.

The best ironing board with cabinet

best ironing board with cabinet

If you have arrived here, you will have certainly understood that buying an ironing board is not as simple as you thought. The factors to be taken into consideration are many and different. Space, the weight and why not even the price are all elements that must be well studied before buying the board. Also, the choice can fall on one model rather than another depending on the iron that you own or want to buy. Below I have drawn up my ranking according to my personal needs.

So when buying an ironing board with cabinet, you have to consider several factors. I am convinced that in your mind you have already started to calculate several, the iron with the boiler that you never know where to put, the space that you have reserved for the axis, the price. At this point, also try to draw your special top 5 and you will start to get an idea of what model is best suited to your needs. Continuing reading, however, I will give you some other suggestions to better evaluate your new purchase.

The ironing board cloth

Laundry room

It may seem nonsense, one thing less, an element not important. Sometimes not considered as removable and replaceable. But the ironing board is the most important element to have perfect ironing. It must be built with a fabric of excellent quality, breathable and if flame retardant, even better. It should not stick to clothes and should be slightly prone to heat. In addition to the fabric with which it is made, its thickness is also very important. Having a cloth that rests directly on the structure of the board does not go well at all. The axis could be made of metal and heat up very quickly, which is not very welcome both for clothes and for our safety.

So it is better to buy a sheet that has thick and resistant padding. High padding must also guarantee good transpiration and at the same time recreate a surface that is compact and soft. Usually, the sheets are made of 100% pure cotton. This is one of the most common and in any case among the best materials for a cloth. In addition to the type of material, when you want to buy new cloth, you must take into account both the size and how it goes hooked to the ironing board. The best solution is to buy a sheet that is equipped with a tensioning mechanism all around it, to allow a correct and easy fixing on the ironing board.

Prices and offers

best ironing board with cabinet

As you may have noticed so far, there are many models of ironing boards on the market. Folding, cabinet, concealed, table and made of different materials, mainly in wood or metal. Based on all these factors, without forgetting the brand that produces them, the price of the ironing board with cabinet can vary considerably. Probably you have also come across ironing boards from “shopping center” that cost a few tens of euros, but that are worth what they cost, or very little. The cloth is very thin, it burns easily, they are made of shoddy metal, and they bend too easily and last for a short time.

If instead, you went to a specialized store you will have noticed that the cost rises considerably, as you can see also from the table above, a good ironing board starts from a minimum price of one hundred euro, going to exceed even the three hundred euro for the complete models, which have cabinets, shelves and are made of precious wood, as well as by world-leading brands in the field. The price is as high as quality, and in this case, it is. Where in other categories the price can vary according to more trivial things, in the case of ironing boards, it is quality that makes the difference. As previously said, buying an ironing board is not easy, and several factors must be considered. The price is one of these.


Ironing is one of the most boring and tiring activities for a housewife. If there is one thing you would rather do without it is to iron mountains and mountains of clothes. Some fight this “evil” by ironing only the bare minimum, shirts and little else. Instead, there are people who can not help but iron socks, cloth handkerchiefs, and panties. To come up against these people, the best advice is to buy a professional ironing board with cabinet.

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