Smart Ways to Extend the Battery Life on Your Phone

One of the best ways to extend the battery life on your phone is to close as many apps as possible. To close apps, simply swipe them to the side, or upwards on an iPhone. This will prevent your phone from using the phone’s components while they’re running in the background. Clearing unused apps and unwanted photos and video from your phone is another good way of ensuring extra space and improving your battery life. When you need a new phone with better battery life, consider Vodafone Drogheda at King Communications

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As phones become used more for high resolution gaming and streaming, battery technology isn’t moving as quickly as the other advances. However, there are some smart ways to squeeze that extra bit of life before needing to charge. Firstly, find out what is causing your battery to drain and this can be found in settings. You should be able to find a breakdown of how much power is being used by which applications.

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Another tip to prolong battery life is to reduce the screen brightness and the timeout on the display settings. Your phone will lose a lot of power if you’re not using it so turn off bluetooth and wifi when not in use. Keeping them off will help your phone last longer, especially if you’re not using them often. Most phones have quick settings menus that allow you to control these features. A toggle for bluetooth will let you control the wireless connection on your phone and turn it off when it’s not in use.

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