Surprising Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler

With hotter weather just around the corner, think about ways of keeping cool this summer. There are many ways of making your home more pleasant in the warmer months; these ideas are more effective than just throwing open the windows.

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If you are seriously looking at air conditioning systems, have a look into the various types available as there are many, and work out which one is best suited for your own needs.

Here are some of the greener alternatives:

Insulation and Windows

Before it gets too hot, check that your home is efficiently insulated and seal up cracks round the windows. A bigger investment is of course energy-efficient windows, but it will be worth it in the long run and will also save on heating bills in the winter.


Incandescent lights can get hot: look into energy-efficient bulbs and fittings. In addition, do consider whether you actually need the lights on at all. Remember not to leave them switched on in unoccupied rooms; make the most of natural light.

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Consider more cold meals, and make use of the barbecue. Cooking outside will definitely keep the heat out of the kitchen. If you have an Aga, switch it off in the warmer months. You may need to check that your gas meter box is up to date and efficient if your Aga runs on gas rather than solid fuel.

Household Appliances

These can generate a lot of heat. Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full. Check the program options on these appliances; shorter and cooler programs are a good idea.

Save Water and Keep Cool

Taking a shower rather than a bath uses much less hot water. If you are looking to replace your gas meter box, you need to find a gas meter box supplier like . It is always a good idea to look at your household as a whole when considering making some changes which will benefit both your pocket and the environment.

Other Heat Generators

You may be surprised to learn how much heat is expelled when you are using everyday items such as hair-dryers, TVs, computers and mobile phones. Obviously, you will not want to avoid using these at all in the summer months, but for your sanity and to keep cool and fresh, do consider at what times of the day you need to operate these devices.

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