The purple sofa: Mystery and personality in the living room

The purple sofa is an original choice for home furnishings. Purple has been known since ancient times as a color of great charm and today more than ever it can give a touch of mystery and personality to the style of your living room.

Known as the color of the spirit, purple is the result of the union between red and blue. Its palette is very wide and it is possible to fall in love with darker tones such as aubergine as well as more subtle and delicate shades such as lilac.

Why a purple sofa in the living room? Because it is the original color, full of meanings, and suitable for a landlord with a  magnetic personality.

Mystery and sensuality

Appreciated since the times of the Phoenicians, the purple is traditionally associated with mystery, sensuality,  all ‘ elegance, and luxury. In ancient times the purple color was extracted from a shell, the Haustellum branders or more. From the long and complex processing of this shell, it was possible to extract a single drop of pigment, which is why it has always been considered a very precious and sought-after color.

In the Middle Ages, purple became the color of Lent taking on mystery and spirituality. At that time, during the forty days preceding Easter, it was forbidden to stage any kind of representation or spectacle. The actors and the actors found themselves experiencing a difficult moment given the impossibility of working. Hence the most famous superstition linked to this color. For many years, purple was banned in theaters, and still today, actors avoid this color.

The idea of refinement and femininity linked to purple also originates from the beauty of the petals of the flower of the same name. According to chromotherapy, purple has many energy capacities. This color would be able to increase the immune defenses, slow down cardiac activity, and have a beneficial impact on sciatica and neuralgia. Purple also seems to have an important role in stimulating talent and creativity.

Shades of purple

The imagination of purple is really full of ideas and this is why purple is confirmed as one of the most interesting and original colors to bring to the living room. Its versatility and width of the chromatic scale allow for obtaining different results. You can warm the room using dark tones such as purple or a breath of freshness with light tones such as wisteria.

In shabby and country-style living rooms we often find lighter shades such as lilac, lavender, and mugwort. In minimal style living rooms, the use of indigo is very frequent. While in the icon living rooms more original and eclectic furniture is frequent the use of fuchsia and magenta. Finally, mauve and wisteria are widely used for the creation of classic style furnishing accessories.

Purple in the living room

By bringing a purple sofa into the living room you can create an original environment with a strong personality. If you have a dreamy and romantic living room in mind and want to add a pinch of sophistication and mystery, you can decorate your sofa with soft decorative cushions in black and gold. To amaze your guests you can go in search of furnishing accessories in shades of orange and yellow, creating a bold but very effective combination.

If your ambition is to create an elegant and welcoming environment, you can give balance thanks to accessories in shades of gray. Thanks to a purple sofa you can transform your living area in an instant depending on your need or mood.

In our online catalog of sofas, you can select during the product configuration phase different varieties of purple color available for the upholstery of your 100% made in Italy artisan sofa.

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