How Durable are plastic electrical meter boxes

Electrical boxes that have the composition of plastic are known as plastic electrical boxes. Many other types of electrical boxes are being used for protection. Here, we will discuss the working details of plastic electrical boxes. Let’s discuss the durability, strength, and efficiency of plastic electrical boxes

Plastic is most commonly used material to make electrical meter parts these days. Now, electrical boxes made up of plastic are also available in the market. For more details on the right Electric Meter box for your needs, visit Meterbox

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The durability of plastic electrical boxes

Plastic is made up of polymers with a long molecular chain. Plastic might not be considered as good to use as it damages faster compared to other types of metals. Plastic electrical boxes have plastic nail brackets. The plastic nail brackets can easily crack when used to insert the type of plastic box. Plastic electrical boxes are used mainly due to its being the bad conductor of electricity. Another advantage of plastic boxes is its property of being water proof.

Strength of plastic electrical boxes

The strength of the plastic boxes is also not good as plastic can break even during the insertion or tightness. The mounting threads of plastic during insertion can also break if screws are not comfortable. The plastic parts of meter boxes can crack with high temperature as well.

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Seeing the advantages and disadvantages of plastic boxes, we can conclude that, even though plastic meter boxes are cost effective their durability compared metal meter boxes is lower.

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