Installing Solar? Here Are the Things You Need to Know

 Every business has its ups and downs. Usually, plans are drafted on how to handle a start-up or an already flourishing business. Most companies set up expectations within limited intervals to see how well they have performed and how far they are on the growth ladder. Same thing applies to businesses in the renewable energy sector.

Over time, many businesses in the solar industry have evolved. They have also experienced difficulties as a result of keeping up with recent development in the sector. In a bid to make sales and become reputable in the industry, many of them try to find new answers to the question, how do I grow my solar business?.  This piece will provide you with some useful insights.

There are a lot of simple tips to take into consideration to make your business grow amidst competitors in the industry. The following will put you on the right path to make your business thrive in the solar industry:


The society has conceived multiple stories about solar products. Some people say it is way too expensive while others doubt the credibility of products from new companies in the industry.

While operating a renewable energy business, you can put off prospective customers if you do not provide answers to their questions about your products. Be aware of the latest changes and trends in the industry. Updates about certain features of your product should be known to your customer. 


Wanting to take your business to a higher level may be your primary objective. But on the other hand, have you considered the target audience that make up your market? A research on your prospective customers would help you to prepare your marketing strategy better. Check to learn more about how the knowledge of your market aids business growth.

Marketing Strategy

The use of marketing strategies is a continuous cycle. It is not only used when your company experiences some sort of low sales problem. You can make use of sales software and even solar sales tool. Hiring a professional marketing agency to do the job for you is also an option.

Moreover, your sales proposal matters a lot too. They can either make you have increased patronage or no sales at all. Everything has to be broken down to enhance easy comprehension by buyers. 

Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Solar companies often include installation of panels in their services. Meanwhile, there are other companies that are available to provide only installation services for their customers after purchase. Some buyers install the panels themselves. While majority hire the services of an engineer or the solar company where they made the purchase from. Here are a few things that solar companies need to consider before installing panels for customers:

Solar Software

Your company should have reliable software where all sales and discounts are recorded. Asides handling issues pertaining to your finance and sales proposal, solar software would help in the identification of your solar panels. Before you start installing panels for customers, get software for your company to make tasks easier! 


Before considering panel purchase and installation, always check out the roof where the panels would be placed and correct whatever damages found. It is advisable to check it out yourself than asking customers to do it. The shape, size and slope of the roof would determine how the panels would be arranged. Does it need to be repaired? The cost of getting the renewable energy might double for the buyer if the roof is not in a good shape or cannot bear the weight of the panels.

Click here for tips on how to prepare a roof for solar installation. 


Solar panels always possess the tendency to last for 15 to 20 years. Provide a warranty that would cover a purchase for 15 to 20 years at the least. Just as there is a warranty on home appliances, there are also warranties on panels, installation of panels and even equipment that make up the energy. Basically, a warranty holds your company responsible for faulty equipment and answerable to all costs incurred by faults. Your company’s warranty provision would increase the rate of trust your customers would have for you.


Never forget to advise clients to leave the panel installing procedure to experts. Your company would be rated as efficient if they sell panels and do the installation too. Always point out the problems clients may encounter with wiring and other issues when they opt to do the installation themselves. Besides, the installation process is always strenuous and time consuming.

Follow Up

Installing panels is not the end. If your customer does not keep up with the usual maintenance processes, the lifespan of the product may be cut short. Ensure to give out guidelines on proper maintenance requirements after your installation services. After installation, reach out and keep in touch with your customers. Note that providing great customer care is essential for any business that wants to keep growing and doing well. 


Buying and installing renewable energy products is often regarded as a difficult thing to do. Hopefully, you have been exposed to some things you need to know before installing solar for your customers.

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