Amazing bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman

The bedroom is a space so personal and so oriented to relaxation is something we love. But doing it by giving it a feminine touch, is something that we love even more because it is naturally given to us. We want to share with you these bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman. If you are a young girl or if you want to surprise a young girl with something really beautiful and original. It’s time to get down to work.

Bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman

bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman

Defining the style when decorating the bedrooms is something that is done from the color palette. Space is analyzed and then two or at most three colors are chosen; along with some variants regarding the tones of it.

However, our advice is that among the colors you choose; you cling to one to be your star color. Not to saturate the entire chamber with that color, but yes so that it is noticeable that this is the protagonist color.

The key to this step is not to conform. When you are looking for accessories to decorate or when you are collecting materials to make your own. It is very likely that you will not get the exact color you have chosen.

The way to solve this is to buy paint of that color specifically. Acrylic paint, fabric paint, chalkboard paint and even spray paint. You will need paint of all types and for all surfaces.

That way, you can buy the table that you liked so much without worrying about its color; then once at home, you just have to put some plastic on the floor to avoid staining and, after five minutes; you will have your new table in your protagonist color.

Place inspirational quotes

Place inspirational quotes for the day to day

A positive mind attracts positive things. No, it’s not magic, nor is it a conspiracy of the universe. It’s a matter of perspective.

A phrase that inspires you every day can not only become an attractive decoration that adds personality to the bedroom; Inspirational wall decor can also be a way to remind you of your goals and your dreams.

The best place to locate this phrase is where you can easily look from anywhere in the room; or at least from that place in the room where you usually spend the most time. It does not matter if it’s the bed or the chair on your desk.

Decorate with mirrors

Decorate with mirrors

Every girl needs mirrors to verify their appearance before leaving. And as you should already know from experience; Sometimes we miss a little detail for not seeing us at the right angle in front of the mirror.

To avoid that and turn it into a situation in your favor; You can use many small mirrors that complement each other. Geometric shapes are a great option to achieve that.

Place them on a wall where you can look sideways before leaving the room or, on your comber at different angles; especially to see your hairstyle from behind.

The goal is that you do not have to occupy your hands in having to carry a mirror to see you; this way you will increase your productivity too.

Make your carpet of decorations

Make your carpet of decorations

A perfect element to decorate modern girls bedrooms are the colorful rugs. However; and for our misfortune, it is very unlikely to get the ideal carpet; and everything is due to the pattern of colors they use to build generic carpets.

If you have already chosen the main color, it is true that you can use fabric paint to modify the appearance of the carpet; but that would imply a great use of resources. That’s why, why do not you learn to do it yourself?

An image says more than a thousand words. All you have to do is vary the colors so that you will have a unique carpet with the color palette of your preference. Modern area rugs define the overall appearance of your house, in addition to bringing color and elegance. You can buy rugs online to enhance the appearance of your home, which also gives depth and comfort to that area.

Make use of the Christmas lights

Make use of the Christmas lights

Christmas lights are a decorative element that is forgotten almost 11 months of the year. However, you have surely noticed how some people have started using them for their decorations; This is because they are beautiful, practical, malleable and have a magical light.

To use the Christmas lights in modern bedrooms; The concept of Christmas must be left aside and objectively analyzed, what aspect of the bedroom could be highlighted with a little light?

One of the most useful areas for this purpose is the mirror. With better lighting, and above all a lighting that will not trigger our electricity bill; We can see our outfits better and get an idea of how it will look under different types of light.

Give the Christmas lights a chance to create table lamps by placing them in the form of a ball inside a glass container or; to grant you a romantic light for those reading nights.

wall with polaroid photos

Dress up a wall with polaroid photos

Social networks are full of photos, but the real wall and where the most important photographs should be; It is not a digital wall, but a very intimate one, and what better wall than a wall in the bedroom?

Using rope, wooden clothespins to hang and, many photos in black and white or color, but with the dimensions of a Polaroid; You can create a really beautiful and decorative mural.

You can even combine this idea with the previous one and wind the Christmas lights on the rope; that is how the photographs will look truly magical.

letters with your favorite flowers

Create letters with your favorite flowers

Be it the initials of your name or a single letter that has a very personal meaning for you. The works of three-dimensional crafts are the best to decorate without spending much, and the letters of flowers stand out for their simplicity and beauty.

Cut out the letter on a piece of cardboard. Then use more sheets of cardboard to give depth to the letter as if you wanted to turn it into a 3D figure, and culminates by using silicone to stick your favorite flowers in that hollow space.

You can use real or synthetic flowers. All this craft can be done with a simple box of cereal. If you hang it on the wall or refill it against a wall; you will not even need to paint the cardboard, the volume of the flowers will hide it.

Create pyramids with sticks

Create pyramids with sticks

In all modern chambers, there must be a plant. Either a cactus or another indoor plant. Sadly, the pots in which they sell these plants are not very pretty; but that can change quickly.

Although you could buy a terrarium in the shape of a pyramid, you can also make one. To do it you only need wooden sticks and silicone. The objective is to create a pyramidal structure around the pot and using the chopsticks.

Once you have defined the structure, all you have to do is apply the protagonist color you chose with a spray or a brush. With something as simple as this; you will give a modern appearance to the solitary plant.

Create an interactive calendar

Create an interactive calendar for your short and long-term purposes

If there is a project that can add beauty and personality to a girl’s bedroom. It is an interactive calendar. Whether it is composed of photographs, positive phrases, and any other simple element.

A calendar that is not in the cell phone or the agenda, and with which you can interact; will make the decoration of the room is renewed practically every day. A goal fulfilled implies that a new goal will appear in the calendar, that is; more colors, more life and more flow of positive energies.

Place beautiful shelves

Place beautiful shelves made with recycled materials

The pallets are perfect for DIY work, but the best part is that. From a pallet, you can extract many useful tables for small and individual projects.

One of them is a shelf. It is that there are always many things that are disorganized or that are needed at a glance and are in drawers or drawers.

The way to solve it is, using clamps, glass jars, screws, hammer, nail; and your creativity. You can quickly make a shelf that allows you to place the brushes for makeup or your colors.

In addition to that you will have another point in which to place the Christmas lights or your plant; if you did not dare to make the pyramid. We hope you liked these bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman, share with your friends and family.

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