How to Keep Birds From Nesting Under Roof

The nests of birds in parks or on the streets may be the fascinating spring heralds, but when the birds settle on the roofs and other exterior areas of the house, they become pests messy and noisy. As soon as we notice birds building a nest outside our home, we must act before they lay eggs. A variety of products are available to control this problem without harming birds. Sparrows, starlings and doves are very pretty birds, but they are also the ones who settle on chimneys, eaves and external pipes. In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to keep birds from nesting under roof.

How to keep birds from nesting under roof?

Resulting in an unknown factor for the maintenance of the houses themselves. Instead, crows and robins prefer to build their nests under bridges. Removing these nests is absolutely not allowed, as it would be real malice (because innocent and defenseless animals are not harmed) and action against nature; therefore the only thing that can be done then is to try to prevent.

You will need:

  • Wooden tablets
  • Tarpaulin
  • Retaining net
  • Insulating materials
  • Perforated stainless steel cap for fireplace
  • Chimney sweep for periodic cleaning of the chimney
  • Visual or audible alarms
how to keep birds from nesting under roof
young robin by nest

Check the nest

Let’s start by carefully monitoring the contents of the nest: clearly, those that contain newborn eggs or puppies cannot be moved because such an action would result in an insured death for the young. In fact, we will only be able to move a bird’s nest when it is now empty, or when it has fulfilled the function for which it was built and therefore when its “tenants” have flown away. When all the newborns have left the nest, we will have to wait a few more days before intervening because in this period of time the birds may need to return.

Block access points

At this point, the time has finally come for action. We block the opening or access point to the nesting area, which is normally the gutters and the area around the roof. To do this we use small wooden tablets, tarpaulin or other insulating materials. Also, these operations will obviously be carried out when there will no longer be any activity near the nest. At the gardening or hobby centers, we will be able to purchase a special net, which has the specific function of not allowing birds to pass through it.

Close the chimney

Even the fireplaces are places of excellence for the nesting of birds. To avoid surprises that are definitely not welcome, we place a special perforated cap made of stainless steel at the beginning of autumn and throughout the winter, which will allow us to prevent birds from forming nests on our beautiful fireplaces in the spring season. So let’s call a chimney sweep to clean the chimney from debris by repeating this operation quite often. If, despite the precautions taken, the unfortunate event of having the chimney closed, we must make sure to inform the neighbors of this, also because the birds could choose, consequently to our actions, to nest in adjacent areas.

Do not touch and do not disturb the nests with the puppies inside.

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