When it’s time to clean the curtains or buy some new curtains, and we are ready to hang them, do we know the correct way to hang them? How many times when we have hung them, we have left rings or free hooks? We know this can be a nuisance, so we want to help you out. In Decor Ideas, we discover how to hang curtains with hooks.

How to hang curtains with hooks?

If we have a rail where we will hang our curtain, the elements you should know and its arrangement are: the rail, the sliding pulleys, the fixed pulley cap, and the curtain hooks. The sliding lift allows the curtain to move along the rail while the fixed pulley cap blocks the curtain from moving from the end of the rail to the center. In the following image, we can see these elements.

How to hang curtains with hooks

If we have a curtain rod where we will hang our curtains, the elements that we should know and their arrangement in the bar are the sliding rings, fixed ring, and the curtain hooks. The sliding rings allow the curtain to move along the bar while the fixed ring blocks the curtain from moving from the end of the bar to the center.

In the following image, we give you an example of how to place a side opening curtain in the correct order. First, we must count the pulleys or rings that we have in the drive system. We move all the belts or pulleys to the end of the window, where we will have the pulley or fixed ring. We will introduce the hooks from the middle of the window to the end where the fixed pulley is being the last one that we will add the curtain hook.


  • Drill
  • Subway
  • Screwdriver and hammer
  • Tacos and screws
  • Decorative bar or rail that we want to install.


  1. Select the width of our bar or rail.
  2. Point out the right place to make the holes.
  3. Make holes and screw our bar or rail.
  4. 4. Hang our curtains.

These are the general steps, now we will see the specific steps depending on whether we will use a bar or a rail if we are going to place it on a wall or ceiling, and all the tricks and tips.


put curtains with rail

For our pleasure, whenever we can put the curtains on the wall, we will use a decorative curtain rod. Currently, the most used bars to install the curtains are the bars in matt silver and steel for the most modern decorations, and matte bronze and gloss bronze for more classic decorations.

Another option for more rustic decorations will be the forging bars, and finally cheaper are the wooden bars.

Our advice would always be to install Premium bars that are not extensible but are bars of certain sizes (1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.50 meters, and 3 meters). We will cut as we need. This type of bars will give our curtains a much more elegant and professional look.

Another type of bars are the extensible ones, a much cheaper option, but with much lower quality and aesthetics.

It is also advisable to use extendable supports to be able to save the projections. We have such as blind drawers and radiators (these supports are not usually available for wooden bars)

Keep in mind that the rails can be installed on the wall and the bars on the ceiling. Our general advice when we go to the wall, we will use a bar and when it is on the ceiling, we will use rails. Not so with the special perfect wave rails, which are like the bars. We recommend installing them on the wall or ceiling interchangeably.

The rails can be chosen with rope or manuals. And of both types, there are multiple models and at prices much cheaper than the bars. The main characteristic of most of the rails is that the curtain hides them, while the bars and the perfect wave rails are designed to be seen as an additional decorative element to the curtain.


For placing curtain rods, once we have the curtain made, we will cut the bar with the same width to which we have made the curtains.


We will put the rings on the bar (except when they go with loops). Put the terminals and hang a curtain cloth on the rings, we will climb with the bar and support to raise them on the wall and see how high to put the bar. Once we have seen the optimum height to place the bar, we will mark on the wall and this reference will be worth it to place the other supports.

When we have all the marks made to know how high the supports go, we will proceed to point out the holes that each support has, drill it, but the studs and screw the supports. The supports are extended as necessary to save the projections, and the bar is placed on the supports (with the rings and terminals attached)

Things to keep in mind to see how to install the curtains perfectly:

  • If the curtains measure over 2 meters, 3 supports must be used (one central and another 2 positions about 10 centimeters from the ends of the bar leaving one or two rings between the terminal and the support).
  • As we have commented previously, we must see which is the biggest projection that we have to save to choose the appropriate supports.
  • When we have made the curtains in a single cloth (that is, without cutting in half). The supports must be attached to the terminals without leaving any rings between the supports and the terminals to open and close the curtains.


If the curtains are short, we will put the bar a few centimeters above the drawer, depending on tastes, between 15 and 20 cm above the drawer.

If the curtains are long, we will put the top of the bar between 8 and 11 cm from the ceiling. This is a tip because it depends a lot on the tastes of each.

If we have used 5-bag tape to make the curtains, this will allow us to modify the distance to the floor of the curtains simply by moving the hooks.


To see how to put curtains with curtains, we will differentiate:

how to hang double curtains

If it goes to the ceiling, we will simply have to first place a rail or bar (that of the curtain), taking into account to separate it from the wall enough to save the projections. Then we will install the rail or curtain rod in front of the one we have put and considering separating the second from the first enough so that once the curtains and curtains are hung. They can run perfectly without bothering. The installation is carried out, as explained above.

If it goes to the wall, it will be exactly the same as what we have explained for simple curtains. The only thing that in this case, we will use double supports that allow us to place the two bars or rails on the same support.

In the premium quality bars for the double bars, these types of double support will always come. They can also be extensible, which is what we recommend (like the one in the photo). All the explanations of the simple curtains help us to see how to hang curtains with hooks.

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