What to do before calling AC maintenance service The Colony, TX?

By performing a periodical AC checkup, it is possible to limit the AC replacing or parts replacing frequency. When your AC is well maintained, it cools down space quickly and utilizes less energy. Furthermore, the unit continues to function for several years and does not show chances of breakdowns. When AC takes in less power, it means you can save on energy bills. Do you want to own an AC that consumes less power and at the same time functions as a fresh unit? Well, schedule for the best-in-class AC maintenance service The Colony, TX.

Be it you have a single room or whole house air conditioner; it is necessary to take the unit under maintenance schedules as it helps in performing well. Certain maintenance activities can be performed by the homeowners and some require trained person involvement. When we say trained person, it means pro with a license.

Tips to enhance your AC’s efficiency!

Before performing any AC maintenance services The Colony, TX, you have to observe safety precautions. If you do not know how to perform it is okay to call a professional for help. The first and most important step to perform before starting the maintenance task is disconnecting the main power switch that is connecting your AC and electrical box. Disconnect or switch off completely. Later, follow the below tips for restoring your AC to smooth performance. When you perform these tips continuously, you can easily avoid constant AC repairs.

  1. Clean the coil of the air conditioner:

The two most important parts in the air conditioner- the condenser and evaporator coils accumulate dust and dirt after years of usage. It is important to clean the dirt and keep it free from dust. If not, the dust affects the coil and decreases the airflow. Due to this, the coil fails to engross the heat entirely. Therefore, access the coil of the air conditioner and clean the coil at least once a month.

  1. Wash the air filters:

Do you have a reusable air filter? If so, you have to remove and wash the air filter once or twice a month. It is mandatory to wash the filter during peak weather like summer. If you do not attempt to wash the air filter, the filter will get gathered with allergen particles, dirt, and dust thereby affecting the airflow. When the air flows over the dirty system, it has chances to trigger symptoms of asthma and allergy.

  1. Straighten coil fans:

Remember, the condenser and evaporator coils of the aluminum fins have chances to bend quickly and block the indoor airflow. Therefore, you have to straighten them using external components and also evaluate the coil fins. If needed, you have to remove the screw and boost the metal box that is accessing the coil fins. When required, you can check the AC user manual. It mostly comes with clear instructions and directions that can even be followed by an amateur.

  1. Clear the debris from your air conditioning unit:

Dirt, leaves, and various other particles develop on the air conditioner’s outer part. These outdoor particles harm the air conditioner’s cooling capacity and also its airflow. So, make sure to evaluate the AC unit’s external part and eliminate these unnecessary elements.

  1. Fix a programmable thermostat:

With the help of a programmable thermostat, the users can easily set temperatures as per their usage or different timings of the day. If needed, you can reduce the temperature when you are leaving out and thus save electricity. There is no need to adjust the dial constantly as it automatically maintains the right cooling effect for your house.

  1. Learn how the AC functions:

The majority of the central AC units come with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit has an evaporator. The outdoor unit has a condenser or compressor. Ensure to utilize a soft brush to clean the air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor unit. As the coil’s fins are delicate, it has to be accessed very carefully.

Do you want help or need a professional AC maintenance service The Colony, TX? Feel free to call the Action Plus team at (972) 914-3404.

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