Call for AC service Metairie, LA when your AC fails to cool!

Most homeowners complain that their AC breaks down mainly on unbearable hot days or when they want it most. Is your AC unit not cooling the entire house? Well, one of the best things you can attempt for your AC wellness is calling for AC service Metairie, LA. Before approaching the technician, we suggest taking these measures as it can help in enhancing the unit’s functions or resolve the issue until the engineer arrives.

  1. Change the filter:

When the AC fails to cool, the first thing you have to do is change the filter. When you notice the majority of the AC units, the filter would be close to the air handler area. It is simple to access this cabinet. It can be accessed from the front part of the unit. Ensure to switch off the main power when you are changing the filter. This way, the AC would not showcase a risk to your family. Are you using single-use filters? In this case, you have to completely remove and add a new filter. But if you have purchased and installed reusable AC filters, you can wash and fix them again.

The best part of reusable or washable filters is you can use them for about ten years. When you are cleaning or changing the filter, you have to evaluate the coils and detect ice formation. When there is ice formed on the coil, it can stop the coil from working effectively. If you are noticing ice, you have to switch on the AC unit and wait till it completely melts down. It usually melts in a couple of hours, thus improving the capacity of the AC to cool.

  1. Check the electrical wiring:

Most AC problems happen because of electrical problems. It is best to check all the electrical wirings in the AC unit when it does not work. Pay importance to the wiring connecting to the outlet. But when you are noticing a tripped breaker or blown fuse, you have to call for AC services Metairie, LA. Experienced HVAC engineers check the entire electrical connections and pick out the exact wiring that is causing trouble.

  1. Evaluate the refrigerant leaks:

The AC unit requires refrigerant for cooling the house. What is refrigerant? It is a substance aids in absorbing indoor heat and discharging the absorbed heat outside. The refrigerant does this task in a continuous cycle. But when the air conditioner is used for a long time, it starts to develop issues like refrigerant leaks. So, you have to evaluate the refrigerant level in the AC and repair it when required. When the refrigerant level is very low, it remarks on refrigerant leakage. In most conditions, AC does not cool when the refrigerant levels are inadequate. You have to call in an HVAC expert to check and fix this problem.

  1. Clean the interior:

By cleaning the interior parts of the AC, you can resolve the issue to a certain extent. When debris accumulates in the coil, evaporator, or condenser, the airflow would get affected in the AC. When it continues to experience this issue for the long term, the accumulated debris will damage the compressor. Compressor damage is a serious and major issue. When the compressor fails or gets damaged, you have to either replace the entire AC or repair the broken compressor immediately. It is best to avoid these complications by cleaning the indoor parts of the AC regularly.

Call the experts!

These are some simple measures you can do when the AC fails to cool in the house. But if these simple repair hacks do not help, you have to call an expert. Leading contractors offering AC service Metairie, LA ensure to determine the main cause of the issue before suggesting any repairs or replacements. They would open the entire AC with your permission and find out what is not working in the system.

Comfort Masters is the trusted and devoted AC engineer in Metairie, LA. To schedule or book their HVAC services, you can call 504-800-8565. They offer solutions for indoor air quality, heating, and air conditioning units. Be it an outdated model or the latest model, you can depend on them for the best suggestions and solutions.



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