The Dangers of a Home that is Too Cold

The chilly weather will soon be a memory – as we head into February and look forward to the start of Spring and warmer days to come. However, in the UK we often still have cold snaps in February and March and it is good to be prepared for this.

The cold is something that we all should protect ourselves from as much as possible, as it can lead to a worsening of health conditions that we may already have, or it may be the start of another illness, some of which can be very serious.

Making sure that your home is warm enough is important. Have thermometers around the home to keep an eye on temperatures in the rooms that you spend a lot of time in – it is generally recommended that around 20 degrees Celsius is a good temperature for the home, so if it is much below this then it needs to be warmer.

Central heating is a big part of keeping the house warm, so if you are having trouble with yours, then you should get it sorted as quickly as possible. Always get a professional to do it like this boiler installation Cheltenham based company who will do it safely and correctly.

You can also safeguard against the cold by making sure that your home is well insulated, and by wearing warm clothing and moving around as much as possible.

Here are some of the health problems that being too cold in the home can cause…

Damp and Mould – A cold home can lead to damp forming in the home, and mould will then have the perfect environment. If you already suffer with a respiratory condition like asthma, then you will be more vulnerable to breathing in mould which can worsen your condition and cause breathing difficulties.

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Circulatory Problems – When the body gets cold, the blood vessels will become narrower. If this goes on for some time, or the person has a condition like heart disease or high blood pressure this can be more dangerous as it leads to a much greater risk of serious and potentially fatal strokes and heart attacks. Moving around regularly can help to reduce the risk of this.

Hypothermia – Elderly people and babies are at most risk of developing hypothermia. It happens when the body temperature drops too low, below 35 degrees Celsius and it can be fatal. When too much time is spent in a cold environment it is something that can happen, and hypothermia is classed as a medical emergency due to its serious nature.

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Mental Health Conditions – The cold also can have a negative affect mentally. Being in a cold environment a lot can lower the mood making mental health conditions like depression more likely, or worsening it if it is something that you already suffer with.

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