Merging Tech and Decor

For most of us, assimilating all our devices into the decor of our home presents somewhat of a problem. These days we all have laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the cords and chargers that accompany them. When you add in a PC, Bluetooth speakers, and a virtual assistant device, you would be forgiven for wondering if you’ve started living in an electronics store!

The good news is that the conveniences of a smart home no longer needs to detract from the beauty of its interior. And blending technology and style properly means we no longer have to live without either.

Cordon Off a Charging Zone 

The first thing we do when we walk in the door is drop off a handbag, laptop bag or something similar. Designers will create a space specifically for this in the foyer or mudroom, usually a drawer, and it’s not a stretch to build a charging station for devices here too, with a simple-cut out in the back of a drawer snaking wires through to an outlet.

The kitchen is another good option for a similar kind of drop-zone, and allows you to keep smartphones and tablets charging in a central location of your house, with the added bonus of no more ugly chargers sticking randomly out of wall sockets all over the place.

Put Personality Into Your Home Office

No room in our homes is more connected than the home office, and rightfully so. Standard equipment includes cordless phones, desktop monitors, printers, and more, and these can present a jarring sight if the progression from an impeccably decorated home to a workspace is not managed properly. Decorate this room with a palette that matches the rest of your decor, and the inclusion of plants can offset the austerity of this room.

Who knows? You might create such a welcoming space that you find yourself spending your off-time here as well, enjoying the Bingo Canada has to offer, for example, staying up to date with your social networking sites, and more.

Stash Virtual Assistants Away 

If you don’t want your Alexa, Siri, and Echo devices hogging counter space, a great trick is to stash them behind cabinet doors with screens. Customise laser-cut metal or wood screens into the designs of the cabinets, so that the Wifi signal can still reach them, and they can still project sound into the room. Nest them underneath end tables, within media consoles in your living room, or in the kitchen if you’ve got empty cabinets you can put to use.

Hide Televisions in Plain View 

Consider ditching your standard media console for a television that is a statement piece all on its own. Smart TVs, including the new curved models, can now be paired with a range of stylish accessories, and, when you couple these with items like the Invisible Connection Optic Cable from Samsun, you can remove the view of distracting wires as well. The result? A television that can take on the role that a piece of art would traditionally, seamlessly integrating in to the decor of our living rooms, and possibly even becoming its focal point.

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