Attractions of the lulu’s house of horrors

Lulu’s house of horrors is a haunted attraction filled with gruesome creatures, terrifying themes and the scariest things you can imagine. The house has been open for over fifteen years and is continually updated with new features each year. Lulu’s House of Horrors includes nine attractions that are sure to make your heart beat faster as you try to escape from their grasp!

Attractions of lulu’s house of horrors

Lulu’s House of Horrors is a haunted house located in the city of San Diego, California. It’s been around for years and has been voted, “The Best Haunted House In The City.”

It offers three different attractions: The Clowns, Undead Zombies and Lulu’s Dungeon Of Doom. You can also buy tickets to see all three shows at once, which will cost you $50.

Airplane crash

The haunted attraction Lulu’s House of Horrors features an airplane crash, which is the perfect Halloween treat for anyone who wants to scare themselves silly. The attraction is set in a jungle, so it’s very dark and creepy, and there are skeletons everywhere. It looks like the plane was in the air when it crashed. There are spider webs covering everything, including the inside of the plane. The skeletons are piled up all over each other, some still holding on to their luggage or purses. They’re not scary though—they look kind of sad because they died before they could ever get off that plane!

The royal household

The Royal Household is haunted by a king who wants to know how he died. The king was killed by his wife and she’s been hiding out in the Royal Household ever since. This ghost of a dead king isn’t friendly and will reach through your chest if you get too close, so stay away from him at all times!

Waterfall cave

The waterfall cave is a cave with a waterfall. It has a long, winding tunnel that leads to this underground grotto. The walls are covered in moss and ferns, and the air is cool and damp. As you look up you’ll see that the ceiling is covered with stalactites.

Waterfall Cave was built by Lulu’s husband as part of his land development company many years ago, but it was never used for anything except storing lumber until Lulu decided to turn it into her own personal house of horrors attraction!

Demon pit

The demon pit is the scariest attraction in Lulu’s house of horrors. The demon pit has demons and other creatures that will scare you for hours. The demon pit is a fun place to take your kids because they will have so much fun trying to avoid all of the creatures in there. You should definitely go to Lulu’s house of horrors during Halloween and experience the demon pit!

Haunted forest

A haunted forest is a place where you can see many scary things. It has lots of ghosts, and there are dark areas like the dark room. There are also creepy animals in it, like bats and spiders. A haunted forest is a good place for kids to go if they want to see scary stuff or if they want to play hide-and-seek with their friends but don’t want them finding out about it until later on when someone gets hurt by something that lives in there, like an axe murderer who’s been hiding out since 1981 after he killed his wife instead of taking her back to Mexico where she was from!

Toxic waste jungle

The Toxic Waste Jungle is a dark and scary place. It’s full of toxic waste that you don’t want to touch, but you might get lost in the jungle. Here, there are many animals and plants that can hurt you if you’re not careful.

Temple of doom

The Temple of Doom is the haunted house at Lulu’s House of Horrors, and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever! You will enter through a tunnel, which leads you into an ancient temple with creepy statues and giant snakes. The walls are decorated with hieroglyphics that tell stories from long ago.

One of the best things about the Temple of Doom is all the different rooms within it:

  • The Hallway – This room has a bunch of creepy paintings hanging on its walls; one painting shows a dead body in an open casket.
  • The Chamber – In this room, you can find an ancient treasure chest filled with weird toys; there are also some old dolls lying around.
  • The Crypt – This room contains many coffins where skeletons lie sleeping.


Lulu’s House of Horrors is a fun and exciting house of horrors that you can visit in the heart of Hollywood. It is full of great attractions such as Zombies and Demons, zombies at the gates, blood baths and more. All these attractions have been designed to make sure that every visitor get’s a good scare!

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