Tips for AC Maintenance Brooklyn, NY!

It does not matter whether your whole house is air-conditioned or just a single room, never force it to work harder. If you want your air conditioner to work smoothly and efficiently, then you must ensure to schedule for regular AC maintenance Brooklyn, NY. Besides scheduling for regular maintenance, there are other tips that you must keep in mind so that your AC operates best all season long.

Understand Your Air Conditioner

The central air conditioners comprise of two prime parts – indoor unit or evaporator and outdoor unit or condenser/compressor. They are considered as the heart of the air conditioner which must be kept in its best condition. Make sure nothing interrupts these parts during their operation so that it performs smoothly and efficiently.

Keep it Clean

Whether you are using your air conditioner or not, it is your duty to keep the system clean and tidy. Never leave it unattended, as this is the main cause of many repairs and replacements. The fins of the air conditioner must be vacuumed regularly. Take note to clean it with a soft bristle brush as they are fragile and can easily get damaged or crushed.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Today, a programmable thermostat is a must as it is known for its efficiency and smart operation. It allows you to set your AC temperature accordingly many times a day and adjusts automatically saving you on bills.

Noisy Air Conditioner? Get it Fixed Immediately

If your air conditioner is noisy, then it is a matter of concern. Never ignore this problem and get in touch with the professionals of AC installation Brooklyn, NY, as soon as possible. Many times, because of improper installation, the AC tends to make abnormal noises. If your AC is new and is still making noises, then it can be because of improper installation. Contact the professionals immediately, which if ignored, you will be presented with many other problems.

Fix the Sinking Pad

As time passes by, the concrete pads under the outdoor units of the air conditioner settle down. Unless the electrical lines and the coolant tubes stay level and dry, it is fine. But if it has reached the sinking point, pulling the lines tight or water starts puddling around the unit, then you will have to make sure to contact the AC services Brooklyn, NY, immediately.

Fix the Fins

Realign the crushed or bent fins for better AC performance. This can be done by using the dinner knife and gently pressuring the bent areas. Take note as not to insert the knife too much as it can damage the internal parts.

Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube

When you notice the water is puddling around, then know that the condensate drain tube has been clogged. Condensation from the AC coils contains bacteria that form slime, thereby clogging the condensate pan tube. You can clean the clogged drain in two simple steps. Treat the pan with the tablets, pushing them inside using a long screwdriver or a dowel. Or you can simply screw the new fitting into the drain pan.

Replace the Filter

The air filters of the air conditioner must be changed or replaced once in two months. Leaving it unattended for long can cause many troubles and repairs. If the filters are damaged, then do not continue to operate with them. Get in touch with the professionals of AC replacement Brooklyn, NY, and get a new filter fixed immediately. Air filters are one of the most important parts that need regular care and maintenance.

Control Heat Through Windows

Many times, the heat enters the house through the windows. If you want the indoor temperature to stay cool, then you will have to take note of the windows too. Keep the windows closed or cover them with blinds or curtains. Do not open the window during its peak time. Place plants near the window, to give a cooling effect.

By following the above maintenance tips, you can ensure a longer life for your air conditioner. However, one important point you must always consider is to never attempt to repair your air conditioner without enough knowledge or without experts’ aid. Whenever you face any troubles with your air conditioner, all you have to do is to contact VVOY Service Hub, and all your AC troubles will be taken care of. Call 718-412-1794 for more information.

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