Clean, care and maintenance of furniture (Must read)

When we buy a piece of furniture or accessory for our home, we always want it to look like new. At first, we do not want to touch it to keep it perfect. However, it is normal that time and use make theirs. Today we will give some care and maintenance of furniture tips.

Care and maintenance of furniture

The furniture along with other accessories that are placed inside the home are those that convey your personality and above all give a good image to each space. In general, the style of the furniture adapts to your tastes. To take good care of your furniture and accessories, we advise you to continue reading, remembering that everything will depend on the material with which each product is made.

Maintenance of wooden furniture

Maintenance of wooden furniture

This material is very noble and has a long duration. However, if we want to keep it always in good condition, we must take care of it properly. The excess moisture or lack thereof, dust and light are its worst enemies. You have to keep the wood always moist in this way it will prevent it from getting damaged. If you have prolonged contact with sunlight, you should place curtains or move the objects that are on top during the first 6 weeks. Other tips that we can offer you are the following:

1. Clean and remove dust from wood

Place water in small quantities on a cloth to remove dust and dirt. When you finish passing it through the furniture, you must pass a dry cloth. If for some reason liquid spills on some of the wooden furniture you should clean it immediately, in this way it will prevent it from staining.

2. Protect the wood

Every so often a product should be applied that serves to condition and especially protect the wood. There are special waxes for these types of furniture. After applying it to the entire piece of furniture, it must be left for a few hours to be absorbed. Next, a dry cloth (preferably cotton) is rubbed and rubbed firmly.

3. Remove stains on the wood

If the furniture was stained for some reason; products that are soft should be used. It is best to place a little soap in a liter of hot water. Wipe a cloth moistened with this mixture and then dry it.

4. Avoid putting objects that provide heat to the wood

Do not place objects that are hot; this can bend the wood. If your dining table or coffee table is made of wood, place insulators like a thick, individual tablecloth or cup holder.

Maintenance of leather furniture

Maintenance of leather furniture

This type of material is very delicate. For this reason, you must take care of them correctly so that they can be kept in perfect condition. The tips that we offer to take care of leather furniture are the following:

1. Do not expose leather furniture to sunlight

Do not expose furniture directly to sunlight. In this way, the material will be damaged much faster.

2. Avoid using vacuum cleaners on leather furniture

The vacuums are the lethal weapon such material. When you pass it you can make them striped.

3. Keep the leather hydrated

You can place products that help keep the leather hydrated. In the same way, if you notice that it is dry, it should be ventilated.

4. Eye with pets

The important fact is to keep the pets isolated from the furniture. Likewise, they should not be placed near something that could cut or burn them.

Maintenance of fabric furniture

Maintenance of fabric furniture

This type of furniture should also be protected from sunlight. It is because the color wears faster and the furniture will no longer look good. We recommend the good practices with fabric or fabric furniture.

1. Avoid the use of special laundry detergents

You should not use detergents that are special for clothes or crockery. Well if you apply this type of product can be a stain worse than the one I had.

2. Using the vacuum cleaner

Once a week you should vacuum. In this way, the fabric will not absorb so much dust.

3. Use non-abrasive paper

Use non-abrasive paper to absorb stains from coffee, beer, tea or wine. Next, you can wash the furniture with neutral and colorless soap foam. The foam is then absorbed with a damp cloth. It is best to use stain removers that are special for fabrics.

Maintenance of furniture with metal parts

Maintenance of furniture with metal parts

Furniture that has metal parts must be properly maintained. The deterioration of this type of material is very evident to everyone. It is not worth having the furniture impeccable and that its metal parts are damaged. If so, it becomes a worn furniture. The good thing about metal parts is that they can be cleaned with any type of liquid. Although it is noteworthy that the water can oxidize or stain more the parts that were already damaged. For furniture with metal parts we recommend :

1. Do not use detergents

Do not use solvents on metal parts.

2. You can use alcohol

You can use soapy liquid or wipe with a damp cloth with alcohol.

Maintenance of plastic furniture

Maintenance of plastic furniture

This type of furniture can be washed with soap and water in its majority. If they are white; You can use warm water and dishwashing detergent that have a component that is bleach. If they are colored they can use multiple-use cleaners. After washing them, you should let them dry in the shade. The sun can diminish its color.

When the season is over, remember to keep this type of furniture dry. Another tip is to cover them with plastic so they can be better preserved. Don’t forget to share the care and maintenance of furniture and accessories of your home and office.

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