How to Prepare Your Family for a Big Move

Moving homes and beginning a new life can be as stressful as exciting. It sure isn’t easy to begin anew in an unknown neighborhood, a new school, and perhaps away from family. As tough as it is on adults, it is tougher on kids; uprooting and moving to a new place means giving up the secure attachments they have developed over time.

Yet, with the rising globalization, the trend of moving homes – especially overseas – is increasing. In Fort Lauderdale, since 2010, there has been a 10.1% increase in population because of migration, and migration patterns indicate that population growth in Fort Lauderdale outpaces many other states in America. Places hosting these immigrants are trying to facilitate the families as best as possible, but dealing with the stress of moving is more of a personal-level task.

So, how can you help your family prepare for the big move and accept that a new life awaits them? Here are some ways you can accomplish this overwhelming feat:

  1.     Make the move easy as it can get

The emotional turmoil that comes with the thought of moving will be all the more overwhelming if the process of moving is difficult. The last thing you need amidst it is the hectic task of loading all the goods and taking them to their destination. Yes, it would be cost-effective just to pack the stuff yourself and rent a moving truck, but it sure would not be good for your mental well-being. If the move you are making is to another country, having professional help is all the more necessary.

For example, consider relocating to or from Fort Lauderdale, a beautiful coastal city in Florida known for its thriving international commerce and its strategic location as a gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. With a growing population of over 180,000, the city has seen an increase in both local and international moves. In such situations, hiring a Fort Lauderdale international moving company can save your family the hassle and stress of moving. These professionals provide a quick and easy solution, helping you with the complete packing, shipping, unpacking, and any short- or long-term storage requirements. By leaving this to the experts, you can make this stressful life event much less stressful for your family.

  1.     Involve them in exciting discussions about the new home

There are two sides to the coin when it comes to moving homes; grief over leaving your current life and excitement over starting a new one. Focus on the bright side and help your family do the same.

Make the move sound like an adventure, especially when discussing it with the kids. You can help them imagine the new memories they will create in the next home instead of grieving over what they’ll leave behind. Discuss all the great things they will enjoy in the new residence.

Especially if you are moving to a new country, look up the fun part of life there; for instance, if you are moving to Fort Lauderdale, you can anticipate a fun time in its parks, museums, and world-class beaches. Planning a housewarming party with friends or relatives in the neighborhood is also a good way to stir up excitement.

  1.     Give them time – talk to them in advance

While it might seem easier just to put off the nerve-wracking discussion until it is necessary… don’t, if you have made up your mind, don’t put off the discussion further; give your family as much time as possible to come to terms with it.

The idea of moving is likely to raise uncertainties about the future; will you get a safe neighborhood, enough educational opportunities, good social relationships, recreational options, etc.?

When you put forward the idea of moving, do not make it sound like a challenge they will ultimately have to overcome; make it sound exciting. Make sure you select a happy moment to drop the bomb and at a time when you have plenty of time for discussion.

Also, remember to discuss the reason for the move and be open and honest while doing so. To come to terms with it, your kids need to understand why they have to move in the first place. Then, discuss the place you are moving to and highlight its positive aspects. Also, give them time to ask any questions and express their feelings.

  1.     Visit the place together  

You would likely have to visit the place once or twice to clear the paperwork and get things in order; take this opportunity to visit a family vacation. Make this visit a fun tour for your family; it can be even more exciting if it is another city you are moving to.

Plan out your day and include all the fun places in the neighborhood that you can visit. In Fort Lauderdale, you can choose activities like bicycling, visiting the local parks, riding a water taxi, or even scuba diving! Even if it is as simple as grocery shopping in a local grocery store in the new residence, go for it. Other than making the move more interesting, this will help your kids get acquainted with the neighborhood and get more comfortable with the idea of moving.

Returning from the family vacation, you can help your kids reminisce about their fun and imagine an amazing future.

  1.     Involve them in the decision-making process

It helps to know that your role counts and that you have a say in the matter; it is necessary that your kids feel like their opinion also counts. It will be much harder if they feel the decision is being imposed on them.

Yes, you cannot leave the important decisions to the children in the family; you can involve them in smaller matters like deciding what color the house’s interior should be. Ask them to decide the furniture they would want. Let them design their rooms. If you have already bought the house, it will help if you have pictures that you can show and ask for changes they would like to bring.

Also, let your kids take over the task of packing their belongings. Let them pack the boxes, decide what goes where, and which things they wish to leave behind.

Final words

Moving homes can be a tremendous challenge; it is emotionally draining, physically exhausting, and often difficult to come to terms with children. To help your family prepare for the big move, seek all the help you can get, discuss the new life on good terms, give them time to process the news, visit the place together, and give them some decision-making power. If done right, you should be able to help your family look at the bright side of things and anticipate a positive life ahead.

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