Classic lamps, how to integrate them into current spaces

In decoration, there are pieces that with the passage of time always have a place in our house. Timeless elements that give a special touch to any room and integrate perfectly in both modern and rustic spaces. The classic lamps are a clear example of this and from one of the stores specialized in online sales.

We all know the importance of lighting in our home. The lamps give character to any room and give the final touch to the whole. Depending on the environment we are looking for, we will tend towards hot or cold lights or more or less modern designs.

Today we wanted to show you what options we can choose for classic ceiling lamps. And for those of you who do not want to risk too much, how to incorporate them into the decoration of your home you will only have to buy old table lamps for any corner.

Glass as the protagonist in classic lamps

When hearing classic lamps, surely, the first thing that comes to mind is an immense crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling in which thousands of colors reverberate. In this type of lamp, the importance lies in the height at which we place it. With it, we can give a touch of luxury to any room. They are perfectly incorporated into any decorative style, whether in a  rustic or country, or modern setting.

The clarity provided by this type of classic lamps fills any room with light. Another possibility is to place them on both sides of the sofas, also achieving that touch of sophistication. As you can see, there are many possibilities that they give us, even in the bathroom it is another opportunity to incorporate them.

The possibilities are endless and the end results spectacular. Do not hesitate to combine it with different types of materials to make the contrast between the refined and the rough and create your own châteaux in some areas of ​​your home. But it is not only chandeliers that can be perfectly adapted to modern spaces. A clear example, we have it in this crystal chandelier, which makes this room truly spectacular.

Bronze, a material that resists the passage of time in lighting

Bronze has always been present in the production of furniture and has been able to adapt to any trend. In the case of classic lamps, we can keep it present in the entire structure, including the lampshade or only in the base of it.

Other of the best-known classic models that we can adapt to modern spaces are the Tiffany lamps, made with glass mosaics, and the banker lamps, whose base is made of this material, and the lampshade is made of green glass.

This table lamp, created in the 19th century, is still present in today’s decoration. We can place it anywhere in the room or use it for the desk. The example that we give below is a version, but it is not the original, which usually has a more rectangular lampshade and a shorter foot.

Another variant of the use of this material are chandeliers or lanterns, with a more rustic appearance, they combine very well in Mediterranean-inspired decorations and are ideal in exteriors or galleries. The simulation of candlelight gives a very personal and welcoming touch to the room.

When decorating a living room with a classic bronze ceiling lamp, you can opt for this type of chandelier. In this case, they have chosen to put candles instead of light bulbs, and with this, they have managed to turn the lamp into the center of the room. When it comes to combining it with the rest of the furniture, they have opted for a certain touch of oriental decoration that gives a touch of warmth.

Tulips and feet in classic lamps

The variety of lampshades and feet that we can find in this type of lamps is overwhelming. Depending on the style we are looking for for our house, we will choose one or the other designs. In the case of lampshades, we find glass or fabric, and the feet can vary from wood, bronze, ceramic, or glass.

A good option would be to opt for two lamps with oval bodies and large fabric shades on both of the sofa, giving an image of symmetry and a sumptuous appearance.

Another ideal place would be on the bedside table, the possibilities are endless and to everyone’s taste. In the case of wanting to obtain a more rustic atmosphere, we can choose forging and pleated fabric screens. The atmosphere that we will obtain will be much more bucolic and welcoming.

When incorporating these models into your desk, you can opt for a glass or metal body and a large screen. The contrast between the two gives a balance to the whole. If you want a more classic atmosphere, it can be achieved using bronze.

The key to introducing classic lamps at home is to adapt them to the style we are looking for, with them we will achieve a vintage look that will give the note in any modern room.

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