5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Bathroom Remodel

A good bathroom is a worthy investment for a homeowner. That is why you need to consider remodeling your bathroom to keep it in good working condition. Your bathroom remodeling project is also an exciting prospect.

However, this entire home improvement process needs careful consideration. The process requires practicality and forethought on top of incorporating new designs into your existing bathroom. Before you decide to remodel your bathroom, you need to be fully aware of mistakes and to make your project successful you must look for experienced bathroom contractors in Toronto.

1.Failure to Choose the Right Theme

You can easily get overwhelmed with the available options when remodeling your bathroom. Some of these endless possibilities include the copper tub, stand-up shower, pedestal sinks, minimalist modern and rustic chic among others.

Failure to choose the most aesthetic style to design your bathroom based on a central theme could mess up your project. For that reason, you should consider starting with a wide search among different themes before you can narrow it down to the most appropriate one. Make sure your theme of choice brings out the best results once your project is complete.

2.Last-Minute Decision on Wall Colors

Some homeowners think that the color of their walls should be the last-minute decision when planning to remodel their bathrooms. In your case, you should choose your colors right at the onset of your bathroom remodeling project alongside other design elements.

The main reason for choosing the color of your bathroom walls at the right time is to ensure that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom features. The wall colors should match the sink fixtures and floors.

3.Use of Wrong Materials

Often, a good number of homeowners choose unsuitable materials for their bathroom revamping projects. For example, different types of marble may look like a great option for your washspace right inside the bathroom but they require some maintenance to look great throughout. Poor cleaning of marble surfaces can lead to the formation of stains or cracks.

Take advantage of practicality when it comes to choosing the most appropriate materials to upgrade your bathroom. Bear in mind that a bathroom is the dampest place in your home, so it deserves hard-wearing materials and elements that are hygienic and easy to maintain.

On that note, ceramic and porcelain are a great option for sanitaryware, wall tiles, and countertops. Sinks and faucets made from these materials are tough, waterproof, and easy to clean because they have a glossy surface. Bathroom floor tiles should also be appropriate, less textured, and non-slip. They should provide some grip to prevent accidents while taking a shower or a bath. On the other hand, bathroom tiles should not be too textured because they can quickly contribute to limescale build-up.

4.Improper Planning of the Bathroom Layout

Upgrading your bathroom is not a simple task given that it can be a costly outlay. Therefore, you must consider using the original layout to avoid confusion and inconveniences during the reconfiguring process. The original layout could provide room to reposition some important bathroom features such as the toilet.

If you feel that your current design is not right for your project, you may go for a new layout. Most likely, the new layout will enable you to move walls, reposition your bathtub or add some features on the sinks to meet your needs. As such, you should start with checking the layout when designing your bathroom. The best layout will dictate the final appearance of your bathroom.

A poorly done layout can become impractical, especially when it comes to piping or other fittings. Also, an improper bathroom layout can render your entire project a waste of money, resources, and time. Look for the best bathroom layout ideas from experts to help you remodel your bathroom professionally.

5.Insufficient Space for Storage

Your bathroom needs enough space to store towels, toiletries, toilet rolls, cleaning products, and many more. Even though you may decide to store some of the aforementioned items in one of the cabinets or cupboards in a separate place within your home, you will experience some inconveniences whenever you want to retrieve an item for bathroom use. To save yourself from the tiresome task of restocking your washspace, you can maximize storage space inside your bathroom.

Invest in fitted furniture that can sit somewhere in your fairly compact bathroom to store necessary washroom items. Find clever storage solutions within your bathroom to save on space and materials. In this case, you will turn mirror cabinets and shower recesses in your bathroom into storage facilities to save you from costly retro-fit months long after your remodeling project is completed.

To make your bathroom remodeling a success, you may need an architect, designer, tiler, plumber, and builder including renovation trash collection service providers. Also, you may require enough budget to cater to all expenses involved in reconfiguring your washroom. However, you should strive to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to make your project work.

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