Unbelievable Air conditioner repair tips for beginners

An optimal temperature in the home directly affects the comfort of our home, which is why it is essential to buy an air conditioning system that adequately covers our needs. There are many types of air conditioning for different demands and needs. Those produce both cold and heat (reversible).

It can be moved ( split mobile ). That heat a single room ( split fixed ) or a whole house ( multi-split ), there are also cheaper ones. But it is more profitable to acquire a high energy efficient air conditioning with the heat pump that helps us save energy and money every month.

All these air conditioners have something in common, and that is that at some point they can break down or suffer a problem.

Air conditioner repair tips

air conditioner repair tips

The problems that air conditioning can have are diverse; the most common are the ones that we comment on below, as well as their possible solutions.

1. The air conditioner no longer performs as optimally as at the beginning

It is important that the air conditioning system has minimum maintenance of its filters so that it can work efficiently over time.

These filters are responsible for purifying the air that is taken from the outside of the room both to heat it and to cool it down.

It is necessary to clean these filters frequently (approximately once a year).

2. The air conditioner has a bad smell when it is turned on

air conditioner has a bad smel

The common reasons for this event are two:

– The internal battery of the air conditioning system has water condensation. This problem is not surprising if only air conditioning is used in summer, its lack of use can generate humidity, even generate mold. This problem is not solved by cleaning the filters, but the battery itself.

– The bad smell can come from the air conditioning drain. This case usually happens for lack of a siphon in the system; its correct installation will solve the problem.

In both questions it is advisable to contact a specialist to solve the problem, the battery is very difficult to clean, and it is possible that the problem of drainage is more complicated than it seems at first glance.

In this case, you can contact an air conditioning repair company in Madrid or any other point in Spain, find a professional who can advise you correctly can avoid many problems that will long impact the installation.

3. The air conditioner expels a lot or little water

air conditioner expels a lot

All air conditioners expel water when they work properly. As a general rule, you do not have to worry about a lot of water being expelled or little, because the amount is due to the humidity of the room.

But you have to be especially careful when never expelling water, this may mean that there is practically no humidity in the environment, but there may also be some obstruction that prevents the water from coming out.

If the water is ejected but splashes into the system, it is possible that there is also some plugging or problem in the installation of the air conditioning.

4. The air conditioner makes excessive noise

air conditioner makes excessive noise

This can happen both in the internal equipment and in the exterior, the main causes are two, their lack of gas or oil in the compressor. The most practical solution in both cases is usually to acquire a new air conditioning equipment.

The noise can also be due to problems with the cleaning and care of the filters, and in the case of external equipment can be external problems, such as leaves, branches … that extruded air ducts.

5. The air conditioner does not work well, does not cool or heat

air conditioner does not work well

This case is very varied; they can be a multitude of problems that require different solutions, lack of refrigerant, the compressor does not start …

In this case, due to the great variety of alternatives, it is best to contact a professional in the sector which helps you in the repair of the air conditioning.

It is clear that the most important thing that can be done at the user level is adequate maintenance in the cleaning of the equipment and especially in the filters. Each team is different; the important thing is to keep the manufacturer’s instructions.

Advises for the purchase of an air conditioning equipment

air conditioning equipment

Save Energy Air Conditioning When you want to buy an air conditioning equipment, for a correct choice, you must take into account the following aspects: the orientation, the number of people that will share the environment, the meters to be conditioned and the incidence of the sun on the device and the type of installation has done.

-It must take into account the energy label when buying the air conditioner, knowing that A is a lower consumption up to G that has a higher use. The label guarantees low consumption and low noise levels.

-Choose a model with thermostat and digital reading, since the variation of one degree goes up to 8% energy consumption.

-Buy the air conditioning equipment is more expensive in summer, so if you are already decided to install it, take advantage of the months of autumn, winter and spring in which it is cheaper to be in the offseason.

Tips for proper maintenance of air conditioning

maintenance of air conditioning

-Clean frequently air filters, depending on the situation and conditions of the home, will be dirty to a greater or lesser degree. For example, if there are works outside that cause a lot of dust, this will cause that you have to clean the filters very often.

-Before the beginning of the heat, it is important that a technician check the condition of the equipment to get it ready and avoid possible breakdowns, it is essential this tuning of the air conditioning, the material will be at maximum performance with lower consumption and will prevent costly equipment breakdowns.

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