How to Glue Eva Foam Together? Effective Methods

Eva foam is a widely used material in schools, as it is used to create crafts, masks, make costumes, among many other things. Due to its versatility, this product is a favorite among teachers and parents to work with their children and encourage their ingenuity and artistic abilities. The ease with which Eva foam is used, glued, cut, and manipulated allows to enhance and develop the little ones’ plastic and creative qualities, but it is important to know what materials it can be used with. If you want to know how to glue EVA foam with different materials and the procedures involved in each one, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

How to glue EVA foam?

The glue sticks typical of schools do not work to glue the foam so that you can get a specific glue for foam available in stores with these types of materials.

To make crafts with Eva foam using a specific glue made from this material, follow these steps:

  1. Little by little, add lines or dots of the glue in the area where you want to stick the EVA rubber.
  2. Press the foam in this area for several minutes so that it sticks well.
  3. This glue takes time to dry. Therefore, wait a minimum of 15 minutes before touching or handling it again.

how to glue eva foam

Glue the EVA foam with cyanoacrylate glue

To know how to glue the EVA foam with Super Glue type glue, you must know the specific name: cyanoacrylate. It is a very strong glue that requires a specially dosed use since its effect is immediate.

Therefore, you do not need to use too much. Just a few dots or a thin line of glue will suffice. You should stick the EVA foam immediately after, as this glue dries quickly and works immediately.

Using cyanoacrylate glue carries certain risks that make it unsuitable for children. The danger of their fingers sticking is very great, so if you use it, choose to manipulate it and have the little ones carefully observe how you do it.

Sticking pieces of Eva foam with cyanoacrylate has advantages, since being the most powerful material with which you can stick them, you do not need to press to get it to stick without forming reliefs. In addition, it is the best way to glue the EVA foam quickly, as it acts immediately and in a few minutes, it will dry.

Glue the EVA foam with white glue

The white glue, either liquid or stick, is excellent for projects that require a simple gluing, whose duration is not long or powerful. As it is an inexpensive glue, it is an excellent option for children and for when you want to glue foam on polystyrene or when you want to make crafts on paper, cardboard and other easy surfaces.

Glue the EVA foam with cold silicone

Cold silicone is perfect for children to glue foam rubber, as it is not very powerful, but it still works effectively. You can use cold silicone to glue foam to cardboard, cork, fabric or other sheets of foam rubber. To know how to use it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Apply the cold liquid silicone on the area where you want to stick the EVA foam using fine lines or dots. Make sure to cover all the areas to be glued, so the effect lasts longer.
  2. Press or hold the foam for a few minutes.
  3. Let it dry for about 15 minutes to allow the foam to adhere to the area fully.

Stick Eva foam with the hot glue gun

The hot silicone also serves to glue the foam immediately. Its way of use requires longer preparation time since the silicone has to be heated before applying it to the area where you want to stick the rubber. It is very useful for gluing EVA foam to wood or surfaces that need a more powerful glue than cold silicone.

Follow these steps to glue the EVA foam with a hot glue gun:

  1. Connect the glue gun and wait 5 minutes for it to heat up.
  2. When the bar begins to melt, it is ready to use. Apply the silicone in fine lines or small dots on the area to stick the EVA rubber. You don’t need to apply too much glue.
  3. Press the EVA foam for a few minutes to stick it in that area and wait for the silicone to dry.
  4. The use of the hot glue gun is not recommended for children, as they risk getting burned.

Stick the EVA foam with adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is a simple and safe way, so it is suitable for children and adults.

It is an adhesive for double-sided Eva rubber, in the form of tape and specific to stick this rubber. Still, it can also be used to glue other materials like cardboard and paper. You will avoid glue stains on your hands, clothing, and work surfaces with the masking tape.

Placing this adhesive tape, you want to stick the EVA foam and sticking it on this same surface. You will get it to adhere as if you were doing it with tape. It is useful for gluing foam to walls or cardboard surfaces, but we do not recommend it for fabrics or clothing.

Glue Eva foam on the fabric

If you want to use Eva foam to decorate crafts with fabric or clothing, we suggest using hot or cold silicone, as they are the types of glue that will work best with these surfaces.

To glue foam to a shirt or clothing, just place a few fine lines of glue around the edge of the foam or foam rubber. Press for a few minutes to take effect and you will have your Eva foam decoration ready.

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