How to Choose the Right Thanksgiving Figurines for Your Home

Thanksgiving is a special occasion where we come together with our loved ones to share gratitude and enjoy some mouth-watering food. It’s also a time when we decorate our homes with beautiful and festive accents, especially those that celebrate the fall season and Thanksgiving. If you’re looking to add some decorative pieces to your home for this special day, keep reading for some easy tips on how to choose the perfect Thanksgiving figurines that match your style.

Consider the Overall Aesthetic You’re Going For

Before shopping for Thanksgiving figurines, think about the overall look and feel you want to create in your space. Are you envisioning a traditional farmhouse style with natural elements like burlap, pinecones, and autumnal flowers? Or perhaps a more whimsical, colorful tablespace with puny turkey figurines?

Once you have a vision in mind, you can better choose pieces that will complement your existing decor and create a cohesive look. Figurines that match the color palette and style of your other decor will look intentional and pull the whole room together.

That Reflect Your Personal Style

Opt for Pieces That Reflect Your Personal Style

While there are certainly common Thanksgiving themes and symbols, don’t be afraid to shop for pieces that speak to your personal tastes. For example, if you love to bake, consider figurines shaped like pie, cake, or cooking utensils. If you’re a football fanatic, shop for figurines featuring football players or referees.

Selecting pieces that match your hobbies and interests will give your Thanksgiving decor a more customized, meaningful feel. The holiday is meant to be a reflection of you, your loved ones, and what you cherish, so don’t be afraid to break out of traditional motifs if they don’t excite you.

Shop for Figurines in Your Favorite Fall Colors

Bring visual harmony and a feeling of autumn abundance to your Thanksgiving decor by opting for figurines in seasonal colors. Rich hues like burnt orange, olive green, deep reds, muted golds, and warm browns capture the essence of fall. Shop for figurines that incorporate these colors through clothing, painted details, or natural materials like wood or cloth.

Accent colors can provide nice pops of contrast; for example, a figurine of blue and white gingham geese against a backdrop of orange pumpkins and acorns. Just be sure to stick to a consistent color family so your decor flows together elegantly.

Source Pieces That Complement Your Dinnerware

If your figurines will be part of your tablespace, choose ones that pair nicely with your dishes, glassware, and linens. For example, figurines with black or neutral accents won’t compete with patterned chine. Alternatively, bold hues can provide a pretty contrast against solid white or cream plates and tablecloths.

You can also draw inspiration from other sources in your home, like pillows, area rugs, and artwork. Tie everything together with figurines in one or two of those coordinating colors. A cohesive color story throughout the space will make it feel polished.

Choose Pieces in a Variety of Heights & Shapes

When arranging a collection of figurines, variation in heights, silhouettes, and shapes creates visual interest. If they’re all uniform sizes lined up in a row, the grouping can look flat and monotonous.

Instead, create a dynamic tableau by incorporating taller and shorter pieces, slim and wide silhouettes, circular and rectangular bases, etc. The contrast makes the collection more intriguing to the eye. Just be sure to use decorative risers if needed so shorter figurines aren’t obscured.

Feature Different Thanksgiving Symbols & Motifs

While you certainly can’t go wrong with staples like turkeys, autumn leaves, and cornucopias, branching out into more unique Thanksgiving motifs keeps your decor exciting. Some options to mix in could include:

  • Native American motifs like dreamcatchers, arrows, or teepees as a nod to the holiday’s history
  • Vintage-inspired figurines like children in pilgrim hats or women in prairie dresses
  • Rustic farm animals like roosters, pigs, or cows for a homestead vibe
  • Whimsical woodland creatures like foxes, hedgehogs, or owls wearing scarves or pilgrim hats

Varying the designs and symbols represented provides visual variety and gives guests lots of charming details to admire. Just be consistent with your style, like combining vintage and woodland for a nostalgic country feel.

Incorporate Natural Elements From Fall

In addition to figurines, accessorizing with real natural elements is an easy way to underscore the fall season in your decor. Try clustering your figurines around or on top of:

  • A platter of gourds and mini pumpkins
  • Pinecones, acorns, and chestnuts in a bowl
  • Stalks of wheat or dried corn tied with twine
  • Blooms like sunflowers, mums, or wildflowers in a vase

Let some leaves, moss, or twigs spill out from under the figurines so they appear to be naturally nestled in the foliage. This blending of lifelike fall elements with figural representations adds organic texture and a touch of whimsy.

Use Figurines to Convey Meaningful Messages

Beyond just looking festive, Thanksgiving figurines present an opportunity to creatively convey what the holiday means to you. Some ideas include:

  • A figurine family holding hands around a turkey to represent togetherness
  • Figurines depicting generations together to signify family traditions
  • Pie or bread figurines to give thanks for provision and abundance
  • Turkey figurines holding hearts or signs with messages like “Thankful” or “Grateful”
  • Figurines of pilgrims and Native Americans uniting to recognize the holiday’s history

Get creative and have fun brainstorming ways the figurines can share or reflect what Thanksgiving means to your household. These added touches make for Conversation-starting decor.

Shop Your Local Craft Fairs

Shop Your Local Craft Fairs

For truly one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving figurines, shop the selection at local craft fairs and artisan markets leading up to the holidays. You’re sure to find potters, painters, woodworkers, and other artists selling their Turkey Day-themed creations.

Not only are you supporting local small businesses, but you can likely find decor that’s a little more original than mass-produced big box offerings. Speak with the artists about customizing a piece so you can obtain something uniquely suited to your taste.

Scout Secondhand Shops & Online Listings

In addition to handmade items, vintage and antique Thanksgiving figurines can make charming additions to your decor. You may not have as much control over the color scheme or specific motif, but part of the appeal is curating a collection of beloved figurines from past decades.

Check local secondhand and consignment shops around November for donated Thanksgiving decor people are clearing out of their homes. Estate sales and online auction platforms can also yield delightful vintage finds at affordable prices. Let the hunt for unique treasures be part of the fun!

Prioritize Quality Craftsmanship

While eye-catching details are what initially draw you to a figurine, be sure to also evaluate its craftsmanship and durability if you plan to display it year after year. Look for sturdy materials like stoneware, resin, or wood over cheap plastic that’s prone to cracking or fading.

Examine figurines for clean paint application without messy edges or drips. Check that attachments like bows or hats are securely fastened. High standards of artistry will elevate your decor and ensure it can become a treasured heirloom.

Pick Pieces That Work Within Your Budget

Thanksgiving figurines span a broad range of price points, from a few dollars for mass-produced plastic pieces to over $100 for fine porcelain or crystal. Set a spending limit per figurine based on your overall decor budget, then challenge yourself to stick to it.

This may require some sacrifice when it comes to size, materials, or complexity of design. But retailers like Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target offer plenty of quality figurines for under $10-15. Scope sales leading up to November when stores deeply discount seasonal inventory.

And remember, bigger prices don’t always mean better quality. Curating a thoughtful collection doesn’t have to be expensive if you employ a discerning eye and do some hunting for deals.

Ensure Fragile Pieces are Securely Displayed

Especially if you have pets or small children in the home, take precautions to securely display more delicate figurines where they won’t get knocked over or damaged. Avoid placing them too close to the edge of tables or shelves, always set them on flat, stable surfaces, and stick to durable materials when possible.

For important heirloom pieces, consider displaying them under a glass cloche or acrylic case for secure protection. Use museum wax or clear museum gel to firmly adhere figurines to decorative trays or platters so they stay put. And place fragile figurines out of reach from wagging tails or grasping hands!

Illuminate Figurines With Fall-Inspired Lighting

The right lighting can make your Thanksgiving figurines shine and look their seasonal best. Place figurines near lamp sources or natural light to highlight intricate details. You can also illuminate groupings from above with pendant lights or sconces.

For tablescapes, weave in flickering flameless candles for cozy ambiance. Position the candles below or among the figurines so their warm glow casts an upward light.

Ring hurricane vases with autumn-hued flowers with mini string lights to create a radiant autumn display. Lighting is like jewelry for decor – it makes everything sparkle!

Refresh Displays With New Pieces Each Year

While you can certainly cherish and re-use treasured figurines annually, it’s also fun to refresh part of your collection with new pieces every fall. Scout deals after Thanksgiving when shops dramatically discount seasonal items. Pick up a few special figurines to excite you for the coming year.

You can also pack away some figurines from the previous year’s display and rotate new ones into the mix. By making minor tweaks each season, your decor stays fresh and inspiring while still incorporating your favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How early should I buy Thanksgiving figurines?

Most retailers begin stocking Thanksgiving merchandise in October, so you can start shopping for figurines 1-2 months before the holiday. However, the best deals can be found in the 1-2 weeks right after Thanksgiving for items stores are trying to clearance out.

  1. Should I stick to a theme when choosing figurines?

Having a consistent theme or style can make decorating easier and give your displays a cohesive look. But don’t be afraid to mix and match different motifs that appeal to you. Eclectic decor with meaning can have charm!

  1. Are resin or ceramic figurines better?

Resin and ceramic both make durable, high-quality figurine materials. Resin offers more detail and color vibrancy. But ceramic with a glazed finish resists chipping and fading. Choose based on aesthetics and price.

  1. Where should I place Thanksgiving figurines?

The most popular placement is on the Thanksgiving table as part of a decorative tableau. But figurines can also accent sideboards, mantels, shelves, and more. Place them wherever you want to infuse festive spirit!

  1. Are Thanksgiving figurines safe for kids?

Look for unbreakable materials like fabric, resin, or wood for kid-friendly figurines. Keep fragile porcelain and crystal out of reach. Supervise play to prevent chewing or rough handling. For older kids, teach them to gently handle decor.


With so many delightful Thanksgiving figurines available, it can be tempting to purchase every pie-shaped turkey and pilgrim-hatted gnome you lay eyes on. But taking the time to find pieces that genuinely reflect your taste and bring you joy will ensure your holiday decor feels well-curated and meaningful for years to come.

Let your traditions, favorite fall motifs, and decoration style guide you as you build out a collection with purpose. Embrace the spirit of the season with creative ideas for unique Christmas decorations that seamlessly transition from Thanksgiving, ensuring your figurines are not only a cherished part of celebrating gratitude, family, and home, but also a whimsical expression of holiday cheer.

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