What are the Core Concepts of First Aid?

The core principles of first aid are the main methods/concepts that are considered as important and crucial for providing initial support to someone in a medical emergency. They help preserve safety and result in good short and long-term outcomes. These first aid principles are usually taught in a basic first aid course or core first aid information sources. To learn more about First Aid at Work Gloucester, take a look at Tidal Training.

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It’s essential to know these fundamental first aid principles because a lot of people get injured and sick in unexpected situations, and it’s not always possible for them to wait until the emergency medical services arrive. If the victim doesn’t receive proper care at the scene, their condition could quickly deteriorate and they might end up losing their life. With these basic first aid skills like First Aid at Work Gloucester, a person can stabilise a patient until the ambulance and the doctors arrive.

In many emergency scenarios, it’s a race against time. Therefore, it’s important that the first responders act fast and don’t delay to begin the treatment. During the first aid process, it’s also critical to ensure that the rescuers themselves are safe. They should check for dangers in the area and if they are at risk, remove themselves from the situation as much as possible without harming the casualty.

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After ensuring that the rescuers are safe, they can move on to assessing the patient’s condition and delivering the treatment. For this, they should follow the mnemonic ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) to make sure that the casualty is able to breathe, has an open airway and is not suffering from any circulation problems.

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