How to keep yourself cool in the heat

Summer is a time of fun days out in the sun, whether that is lying on a beach or relaxing in the garden. But one problem that can arise is that of the heatwave. This is where there is a prolonged period of time where the temperature stays relatively high throughout the day and into the evening. The parameters around which a weather pattern can be classified as a heatwave are currently being reviewed as a result of the seasonal temperatures increasing by a degree or so each year.

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Although it can be difficult to predict accurately when and if we will experience a heatwave here in the UK, there are a number of things that you can do to help keep yourself cool in the heat.

One of the most obvious things that you can do whilst at home is to look at cooling solutions such as those offered by an Air con Gloucester company. These will be domestic air conditioning units that will help to keep your home cool. They can also help to filter out particles in the air that can cause allergies and mild illnesses. These types of units are much more effective than fans as they actually produce cool air, whereas fans simply circulate the air that is already present.

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When it comes to thinking about what clothing to wear on a hot summer’s day, you should focus on light layers. This makes it much easier to remove layers if you get hot during the day and to add layers on again in the evening if it becomes a tad cooler. Where possible, you should wear linen or cotton clothing as this helps air to circulate and also allows the skin to breathe a little easier. This will help you to stay cooler throughout the day.

Try to avoid going out in the heat during the hottest parts of the day, and if you are out and about, make sure you regularly seek shade. Check the weather forecast before you leave home to see when the hottest parts of the day are going to be. You should ensure that you wear suncream and, where possible, a hat to help protect your head from the sunlight. Making sure you are hydrated throughout the day is also incredibly important.

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