How good installation affects TV signal

In today’s world of digital television, we expect a crisp and clear picture. Sometimes the area that you live in might have a poorer signal than in other regions, but ensuring that your aerial is installed correctly is important to receive a good signal.

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If you’re moving to a new area, you might want to check coverage for certain services and Digital UK allows you to do this by entering your postcode.

To understand how good installation affects your TV signal, it’s worth taking a look at the different types of aerials, how they work and how they’re installed in the first place.

How does a TV aerial work?

Digital TV is broadcast from a network of transmitters across the country. The aerial is used to channel the signal into your home and there are various types on the market. Some are used to receive a specific band of frequencies, while other accept a wide range, and all are identified with different colour coding. The position of your aerial is also crucial for ensuring you receive a high quality signal, as is good cabling between the aerial and your TV.

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It’s easy to see then, why a poor installation might lead to a poor TV signal and why it’s worth getting a reputable company, with lots of experience in your area, to fit your aerial.

What do if your signal goes wrong

There are a few things that you can check yourself, but in general it’s worth getting a professional out to look at your aerial if you’re having problems. If you’re in the South West and looking for TV aerial installation Bristol has plenty of professional installers, such as Bristol TV Aerials.

Before you make the call, you might want to check a few things first. For example, is it just your TV that has a problem or are your neighbours losing signal too? This will help to work out if it’s a problem with your aerial or whether there might be an issue with the main transmitter itself.

Try restarting any digital boxes you have, such as Freeview, in case it’s just a glitch in the software. Check that all cables are still properly connected. Finally, following bad weather, have a look at the external aerial, as you might actually be able to see that it’s damaged.

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