5 Signs – That You Need Air Conditioner Repair:

Is it the Summer season again, and you want your Air Conditioner to work efficiently? Temperature exceeds 43° C in July and August in Dubai. As the sun emerges and the temperature starts to rise, You want your Air Conditioner to provide you with sufficient cooling. But sometimes Air Conditioner problems occur at a very inopportune moment.

But how will you identify your Ac needs repairing and maintenance service. Here are signs that will tell you that you need Ac repair Dubai because Ac performance is essential for everyone’s comfort at home. If you detect the problem initially, it will cost you less money than an extensive repair.

Five crucial signs your air conditioner needs repair:

Loud Noises:

Ac usually gives little noises, but something is wrong with your unit if it makes loud and unusual noises from the motor. If some part is loose in Ac, it will make a Vibrating sound, but if you hear a Whistling sound, you need to contact an HVAC expert to avoid extensive damage.

The expert will solve your problem, and you can have an easy Ac repair Dubai.

System Giving Warm Air:

A thermostat is the control system in Ac. The thermostat contacts Ac and tells it how much cold air Ac should produce. If your Ac runs for a bit of time before shutting off, it indicates that something is up with the thermostat that needs to be fixed right at the moment.

If you leave it unfixed, the system will start generating warm and humid air. Switch to cooling mode, but if the problem is still not fixed, maybe the issue is in the compressor or refrigerant leak. But experts can fix this problem for you quickly, and it will not cost you much.

Water Leaks:

Sometimes when something blocks the drain tube that directs the condensation away, it creates little moisture or water, but it is not a big problem. But if you witness a big leak inside or around the Ac, it is not a good sign because now you have a refrigerant leak.

The refrigerant or freon leak is poisonous and harmful to your health, so you should contact Ac repair Dubai immediately. Sometimes they are in the form of water leaking and ice developing inside the Ac unit; both cases are harmful and tell you to contact an HVAC expert.

Poor Airflow:

Insufficient Airflow is a signal that your Ac needs repairing. The factors that contribute to it are a broken motor, clogged filters, and a problem with the compressor. You may feel some cold air around the room, but it is little, so it’s best to contact a technician.

Bad Odors:

If Bad odors come out from the Ac, it can be due to burning of the system or something is wrong with the duct. Duct cleaning will solve this problem. It can make your family sick so contact a technician. You can have an easy Ac repair Dubai of this problem by experts.

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