How to cut grass without a lawn mower?

Has the grass that you have planted in your garden already grown? If so, now is the time to cut the ends! If you don’t have a specific machine to do it, you don’t need to worry. We explain how to cut grass without a machine. Although it will take a little longer and you will need more patience, you can achieve a spectacular finish with this particular bias. Follow our advice and forget about spending money on a lawnmower. Let’s do it!

How to cut grass without a lawn mower?

This method eliminates weeds and cut the grass in your garden. We only recommend it if the extension of the grass is not very large, as it will require time and physical effort. To carry out this trick, you should get some good pruning shears and gradually cut the grass in small garden areas. Try to do it evenly so that the entire lawn is even.


A good method of mowing without a machine is mowing. If you have a sickle or scythe, you can carry out the mowing without any problem. We only recommend this method if your lawn is high enough. Otherwise, the sickle will not cut it well. If you decide to use the sickle, you should only use one hand. If you do it with the scythe, you will need both hands to perform this task. Get into a hunched posture and bend your legs a little. Then, turn the cutting tool you have selected and make movements back and forth. You must go forward through the garden and cut the grass in parallel. Test it!


Although cutting the lawn without a machine is not an easy task, we give you some recommendations on making it more comfortable and faster.

To get a good cut, we advise you to remove the weeds when it is dry, that is, never do it first thing in the morning or late at night, as this is when you will find it more humid and the cut will not be as effective.

You should also remember that every two or three times that you have cut the grass, it will be necessary to apply some fertilizer to strengthen it.

Finally, to remove cut pieces of grass, we recommend raking after each cut. You will see how your lawn looks great. Test it!

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