How window design can improve your interiors

A window on the world can bring stunning views indoors, and a myriad of designs are available. Here are ten tips on how window design can enhance your interior.

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1. Live healthily with natural light

Like plants, we need light or we wither. Natural light refreshes your mind, body and spirit. Make sure your home is lit naturally where possible.

2. Select windows that match the room

Large rooms and tall ceilings can use clerestory windows high above the ground or multistory windows like those in atriums. Smaller rooms suit views with a lower sill height.

3. Frame views looking outward

Stunning, exciting or restful, a superb view will lift your spirits. If using an architect, base your window design on your vista.

4. Use skylights

The “fifth wall” is often overlooked. Skylights bring natural light to areas that normally lack space for windows.

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5. Ensure privacy

Bathrooms are obvious candidates; think about different opacity levels. Transparent glass is see-through, while translucent glass often features in block windows.

6. Clerestory windows save space

Clerestory windows free up wall space. They sit high above the floor level and can be designed to appear to be floating above the building.

7. Design your windows according to which way your property faces

In the design stages, consider how your house will be oriented with the sun and its geography. For example, you may not want early sun to wake you in the bedroom. You should also think about temperatures and the local climate.

8. Ensure visual interest

The sky can be the limit when it comes to window design. Architects will position windows to both appeal to the eye and take advantage of interesting views. Curvilinear and rectilinear shapes are just the start; check out the exciting designs manufacturers have on offer.

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9. Think about solar glazing

Ultraviolet (UV) light can make furniture and fittings fade. Many manufacturers offer windows that prevent damaging UV rays from entering.

10. Get aesthetic inspiration from your window wall

When decorating your room, look outside for inspiration. A kitchen with picture frame windows overlooking a beautiful garden may not need bold decor that detracts from the view.

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