What materials are blinds made of?

Blinds offer a great practical and cheaper option to cover the windows of the home. They are easy to clean, they can come in a variety of colours and sizes or something more artistic if you prefer. Some companies can even produce them with a specific print that you choose yourself. One of the best experts at supplying and fitting blinds is Laskeys Curtains and Blinds. This Tewkesbury Blinds based company are past masters of getting a home done quickly and beautifully.

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Blinds are either Roman, Venetian, or solid sheet. What kinds of materials makeup blinds? There are quite a few to choose from and each offers its own unique spin on the style of the home. First of all, there is the Venetian blind style which has its basis in wood. Wood is an excellent material as it is easy to clean and offers strength and insulation plus it is good at the deadening sound. A better alternative if faux wood as this does not warp in the sun or lose its colour. It still has all the other properties that wood offers.

Aluminium is a very good option for high traffic areas. Again they are easy to clean with a wet wipe or cloth but can be thin and have a tendency to bend if mistreated. They do not rust so high humidity areas are also not a problem.

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Vinyl. This high durable plastic has become one of the most popular materials for blinds over the last 35 years or so. It has revolutionised the scope in which the blind can deal with the environment. Thick or thin depending on it’s role Vinyl blinds can be used anywhere in the home.

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