Ideas to design the bathroom of your dreams

When we decide to renovate the bathroom, we are presented with a multitude of options to decorate the space. For this reason, many times we have to look for ideas to design the bathroom, in a way that adapts to the space we have, to our needs and to the style that we like the most.

There are so many materials and objects available that it can be a bit overwhelming to carry out this bathroom renovation. At that moment, there are many questions that come to mind: What will be the latest trends? What material will be of better quality? How can I gain space?

Ideas to design the bathroom of your dreams

Ideas to design the bathroom of your dreams

We want to help you and make choosing the perfect products for your bathroom a piece of cake. Thus, we offer you several ideas with which you can design a comfortable, functional and attractive space, with quality products at the best price.

Before choosing any element of the bathroom, we must be clear about what colors we want to include. In this way, we will try to combine the different products with the chosen floor or tiles.

If you like the modern and avant-garde style, you can change the classic tiles for a cladding panel that, in addition to being a visually aesthetic and resistant product, is easy to clean thanks to its almost invisible joints.

In this way, you will not only be able to give a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment, but you will also be able to keep your bathroom clean for much longer.

White cladding panels

There are many options when it comes to placing this type of panels. You can choose a panel to cover the entire bathroom or just for the shower or bathtub space. You can also combine different types of panels to create contrasts that draw attention and stand out.

In the previous image we can see how the mixture of white with wood offers the environment a naturalistic air, also providing a greater sense of spaciousness to the space. Take a look at the different types of cladding panels on our website.

Shower tray or bathtub?

Choosing a shower tray or a bathtub is one of the most important decisions when it comes to renovating the bathroom. It all depends on the space available and the needs of each person.

If your bathroom does not have a large area to place a good bathtub, it will always be better to get a shower tray. In this way, we will have more space to place the rest of the toilets and we will have greater freedom of movement inside the bathroom.

Keep in mind that when our house only has one bathroom, sometimes two or three people can meet inside. Thus, it is important that we create an aesthetic but also functional design.

If, on the other hand, you have plenty of space, and you are also one of the people who loves to take a bubble bath and relax, then opt for a bathtub where you can find that moment of relaxation and comfort.

Depending on the shape of the bathroom, you can choose between a built-in bathtub or a freestanding bathtub . The latter have become a trend in designer bathrooms, as they bring modernity and elegance to the environment.

Modern bathroom with freestanding white bathtub

Whatever your final decision, we suggest you choose a bathtub made of resin and dolomite mineral fillers, as it is a highly resistant material that withstands shocks and changes in temperature very well. Likewise, the sanitary gel coat that covers the bathtubs maintains a great resistance to scratching, as well as a null absorption of water. In addition, it is an antibacterial and non-slip product, which makes our bathtubs a much safer space.

Resin shower trays

If you don’t have a large bathroom or if you simply prefer quick showers, opt for a resin shower tray. They are made-to-measure shower trays that can be cut to the size and shape you need. Likewise, it has all the benefits and advantages explained previously, so they are resistant and safe dishes.

Depending on the thickness, you can get an extra-flat shower tray that facilitates access to the interior of the shower. These offer a greater feeling of ideal spaciousness, especially in small bathrooms.

You also have a multitude of models and finishes to choose from. If you have opted for a minimalist decoration, it is better that you choose a resin plate with a printed grid that offers a simpler style. If, on the other hand, you think that every detail matters, go for a plate with a stainless steel grid that stands out.

Likewise, you can choose different models of plates with a smooth texture or plates with a slate texture. Both types of textures offer the same anti-slip safety, since the material with which they are made remains the same.

More and more people are trying to go further when choosing their shower tray. In these cases, a simple color finish is not enough and they prefer to bet on a decoration. Thus, marble, microcement or wood plates have become a trend this 2021.

With this type of shower tray, a daring style is culminated that seeks to turn the bathroom into the center of attention.

Choose a good toilet

Once the tray or bathtub has been chosen, it is time to choose the rest of the sanitary ware: sink, toilet, bidet. The needs of each person and the space, once again, will determine the number of toilets to place in a bathroom. Thus, there are cases in which only one sink will be required and others in which two can be placed.

We will also have to decide if we want to place a bidet or not. This type of toilet does not usually have a place in toilets and, in addition, there are many people who do not see it as an essential element in their bathroom.

For toilets, white is still the color par excellence. Although our bathroom combines different shades, most designers continue to opt for the neutrality of white for a piece that, as a general rule, we do not want to attract so much attention.

In the case of the sink, the opposite occurs. In other words, risking the shape and size of this piece can become a great success in our decoration. Countertop washbasins are usually the winners of this battle as they have a greater presence in our bathroom and can offer more unique shapes than the classic built-in washbasin.

Currently, round or oval-shaped sinks have become more relevant in decoration. Resin with mineral fillers continues to be the most demanded material thanks to its properties that make parts made with this compound highly resistant and safe.

Round countertop washbasin

As for the chosen tones, the mixture of black and white with wood has become a trend thanks to the naturalistic air that it offers to the space. Placing a plant reinforces this style that, in addition to bringing peace and calm to the environment, makes it a real magazine bathroom.

Design bathroom furniture

To complete the decoration of our bathroom, it is important to choose a piece of furniture that corresponds to the style chosen for the rest of the previously chosen elements. Thus, if we have maintained a modern and current decoration, our furniture must follow the same line.

In this sense, we can choose furniture with legs or hanging furniture, furniture with two or four drawers, or furniture with recessed or visible handles. Everything will depend on our preferences and, as always, on the available space.

Modern furniture usually has drawers with total extraction that allow a greater opening. Thus, they provide functionality and comfort when it comes to storing our objects inside.

However, if we have opted for vintage decoration, we cannot miss a vintage piece of furniture that becomes the center of attention in our bathroom. This type of furniture usually provides a wide variety of options in terms of finishes and shapes.

We have previously mentioned that colors such as white, black or wood offer a modern air to the environment. In the case of vintage decoration, it will be key to choose striking colors for the different elements of the bathroom.

In this sense, not only the bathroom cabinet usually has a shape and color that stand out. Mirrors usually accompany the design of both the sink cabinet and the auxiliary cabinet. On this occasion, the furniture will go with legs to complete the authentic Elizabethan style.

Faucets with the latest technology

The culmination in any bathroom design is the taps that complete the decoration. Choosing taps with the latest technology can not only offer us a greater number of functionalities but also help us save water on our monthly bill.

In this way, we can obtain taps with magnificent finishes and of the highest quality and, in turn, contribute to caring for the environment.

First of all, choosing the same collection for the different taps in our bathroom will be a great success. In this way, the shapes and finishes of the different pieces will be the same, creating greater harmony and warmth in the environment.

It is important to bear in mind that the taps with curved lines correspond to more classic styles and that the taps with straight lines and square shapes correspond to a more modern and avant-garde design.

Do you like to relax in the shower? Then you have to choose a hydromassage column that, thanks to the multitude of water jets, will offer you maximum comfort and well-being. Combine the rain effect with the different hydromassage jets and enjoy the shower moment like never before.

The best bathroom accessories

As we usually say: every detail counts. Therefore, choosing the best bathroom accessories is important when it comes to renovating the bathroom. However, we will not be able to choose the accessories until we have chosen the toilets or furniture and we do not see the available space to place these objects.

Remember that when choosing accessories, the finish and quality of each one of them are as important as the functionality they provide. These accessories are created to make things easier inside our bathroom and, therefore, they should be placed in places where they are useful to us in our day to day.

We also need to decide if we want to attach these fixtures permanently with screws, or if we want to avoid holes in our wall and attach the shelves with adhesive.

If you find it difficult to decide on the finish of your accessories, we suggest that you keep the colors chosen for other elements of the bathroom, such as the taps. In this way, we will not break the chosen aesthetic and we will obtain a well-cared space.

Pay special attention when choosing the mirror. This accessory is not only one of the most useful elements in our bathroom but, depending on its size and shape, it can make our bathroom look much more spacious and bright.

More and more technology is being implemented in bathroom mirrors, with LED mirrors being the most in demand today. Likewise, some properties such as the anti-fog system have already become a requirement for the bathroom.

Mirrors with LED light offer a much more detailed and precise image. In addition, they can include a magnifying mirror that facilitates those tasks that require more attention, such as shaving or makeup.

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