Guide to Buying Wet Dry Shop Vacs

If you are scouting for that little piece of advice that can help you find that perfect vac, this comprehensive guide is just perfect to help you get appropriate equipment.

For all our readers new to the concept of wet-dry shop vacs, here we have tried enumerating about the equipment, its benefits, and factors to consider when purchasing a wet-dry shop vac. You can also lookup an authentic best shop vacs to find the most suitable model of a shop vac to cater to your cleaning needs. We hope these details would help you identify the best equipment in a hassle-free manner!

Know the machine

You may have heard or used vacuum cleaners but if you are wondering how these shop vacs are, here’s an insight on the machine.

Shop vacs are also vacuum cleaners but engineered a little differently. They have an upright cleaner chamber and can be used for cleaning all that you might not have imagined the traditional vac could do. Yes, from cleaning glass wrecks and debris to the mess created by a wrecked water pipe and more, this one’s almost like a magic wand in your hand.

If you want a vac for your home, one with a lower storage capacity of 6-8 gallons would be enough. However, for professional cleaning, you might want to invest in a vac with a larger holding capacity. Look for a model that suits your needs and enables robust cleaning.

Advantages of using a wet-dry shop vac

Are you worried about the wet mess in your laundry or kitchen? Or did your cat just spill the milk?

Well, one amazing benefit of using this equipment is that it can easily suck up any form of a wet mess as well. So, you don’t have to get a mop and bucket for this anymore. Moreover, if you thought that the water mess in your basement would need an expert cleaning service, this automated handyman can save your money.

Get rid of dust mites 

Not that the vacuum will double up as an air purifier but can at least clean the indoor air by eliminating most of the dust particles floating freely in the air. Unlike conventional equipment, the smart shop vacuum offers increased security by clearing the dry dust. Thus, the chances of refunnelling filtered air into the room are minimized.

If you are worried about the waste materials, all that accumulates in the storage tank can be disposed off later. Most vacs are designed with a valve located at its bottom or on a side of the tank which can be used to dispose off the collected waste.

You can overlook the comfort of cleaning just any surface. Be it food crumbs, nails, wood scraps, or any other chunky objects that you want to be off your sight, nothing like a shop vac. From removing wet messes such as those created due to overflowing drains to clearing up solid waste, it can do a lot of cleaning and make the process a whole lot easier. All you need is to think of what you would want to use it for.

Storage capacity

This is a crucial aspect as the tank capacity will enable you to pick up as much dirt from any surface. If you intend to use the vac for cleaning up smaller clutters such as pet hair, car mess, etc, the smaller hand-held ones with a 2 to 6-gallon capacity would make a good choice.

To clear off more gunk you would need one with a bigger tank. A vac with an 8-14 gallon holding capacity would be useful. Such machines are designed with powerful suction that can easily clean up liquid messes. However, if you are looking for a model that befits your industrial needs, then opt for the heavy-duty equipment with a tank capacity of 14-18 gallons.

The make and power capacity 

Not just the tank size, its material also makes a difference. Most shop vacuums are made of plastic which makes the equipment light-weight. Also, durable material is used to ascertain its longevity for household cleaners. For the heavy-duty devices, metal is used to make the tank.

Speaking of its power capacity, shop vacs are undoubtedly more powerful than their standard counterparts. The power of the equipment is proportionate to its suction capacity. Higher the horsepower, the stronger the suction mechanism.

Depending on the power usage, the vac will have a cord that can easily enable you to reach around the house. Alternatively, you can buy a model that runs on a battery. Such equipment is easy to carry and can be conveniently used for cleaning hard to reach corners. Note, that although these are convenient, they might drain out faster with heavier jobs.


With lesser storage space at homes, it is natural to look for equipment that occupies the least space. However, vacuum cleaners are known to take up a lot of space, and vacs aren’t very different. You can always use the garage space, laundry room or the garden shed to tuck it away. If there’s a space crunch, look for the one that can be hung anywhere.

Check for the mobility of your equipment. While most of them come with wheels, not all are of high-quality. While you check the profile of the vac, keep this in mind as well so that it doesn’t wear off too easily even when you move if you and down the stairs.


This is what most customers look at when buying a wet-dry shop vac. Yes, specifications, features, and accessories are certain aspects you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Here are a few features that could come in handy:

– A liquid pump

– A blower feature

– Types of hose: in different lengths and widths

– Different types of filters

The diameter and length of the hose is an important feature that you must check when purchasing the equipment. If the tube is smaller, chances are it will clog faster, especially when it picks up wood chips or shavings, or similar materials.

Those vacs that use smaller power tools with a relatively flexible hose tend to be more convenient and can clear any kind of dust pores. You can also opt for the longer tubes but these may not offer an efficient suction mechanism.

The sound factor

You wouldn’t want to wake up your neighbors with your cleaning job, right? Make sure you test your machine while buying it. A machine that operates silently is better than one that is deafening. Anything over 85 decibels would need you to use ear protection gear.

The best equipment is one that would make your work convenient and easy. Hope the above guide helps you find the best shop vac.

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