Easy low-cost home upgrades in a flash

There’s nothing like renovating your home by bringing it up to date and making it a more pleasing space. Sadly, home renovations and upgrades are notoriously expensive and/or time consuming. Luckily we have a few hacks for fast, low-cost upgrades that can transform your home in a flash.
Paint your front door
If it’s the exterior of your home that needs an upgrade then there are few faster and cheaper options than painting your front door. The bigger the change from your existing colour, the greater the effect. Traditional choices such as pillar box red and racing green will always make an impact. Go for a quality high-gloss paint and be sure to give it a couple of coats.

Kitchen renovation on the cheap
There’s nothing worse than an outdated kitchen, but unfortunately, unlike a living area, the cost of replacing a kitchen can be eye-watering. If your cabinets are dated, consider painting the doors and changing the knobs.

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Bring back the fireplace
Any home built before the 1970s is likely to have a fireplace of some sort. This may long have been covered-up, filled in or simply abandoned. A fireplace adds real warmth to a home and is a far nicer focal point for a living area than a TV. Even if you don’t use the fire, bringing the fireplace back to its former glory still adds warmth. Consider placing lights or candles in the space, or alternatively buying a second-hand wood burner.

Protect your pipes
Some upgrades are about saving money in the long term, such as protecting existing fixtures. Exterior pipework can degrade over time, but rather than let it go to ruin and pay the expense of new pipes, simply protect them with galavanised steel casing. You can buy a range of pipe protectors from specialists such as https://www.meterbox.co.uk/pipe-protectors.

Cushions, covers and rugs

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Never underestimate the effect that new soft furnishings can have on a bedroom or living area. This includes cushion covers, rugs and even a new duvet cover. Far cheaper than buying new furniture or having the walls decorated and easily replaced too. Look out for on-trend colours, prints and patterns in order to add a contemporary look.

There’s no need to spend a fortune upgrading your home, these fast and low-cost fixes can make a big impact at low cost.

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