What is Drain Lining and What are the Benefits?

There are many advantages to drain lining, including its ability to solve a number of problems in a single procedure. The process is no-dig, making it particularly suitable for commercial properties that can’t afford to close down or block access to customers as it would cost too much. The process can take just a few days, allowing businesses to continue running as normal. In addition, it is a completely non-invasive process, which means that no trenches or excavations are necessary. Find out more about Drain Lining Slough at a site such as https://www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-slough/

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One of the major benefits of drain lining is its ability to repair a damaged sewer pipe. The installation process requires little or no digging. A plumber will use a hydro jet to clear the pipe of debris, then measure the length of the broken pipe. The lining will then be inflated to fit the shape of the broken pipe. The epoxy coating on the lining’s outer surface will adhere to the pipe’s inner surface. It will cure within a few days, and the property can then continue to use it as normal.

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A common method of repairing pipes is called trenchless sewer lining. In this process, a new pipe is installed inside an existing host pipe. This method is more environmentally-friendly than the traditional “dig and replace” sewer method. Because there is no digging, the process is less disruptive. Furthermore, there is minimal disruption due to trenchless lining. As a result, the process can be performed on difficult-to-access pipes.


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