Buying the best vintage furniture tips

Over the past decade, vintage trends have had somewhat of a revival.

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Everything from clothing to interior design to pastimes like afternoon tea appear to have gone full circle and become popular once again – so much so that an article in The Independent speaks about a “retro revolution”.

When it comes to vintage pieces, we’re talking anything between 30 and 40 years old. Anything older is considered an antique. Buying older furniture is a great way to get good-quality items at a low price, but it does require some knowledge of the industry to make that perfect purchase. Here’s what you need to know about buying furniture and homeware.   You can then look at which off these will work as your Reception Chairs for your office space.  If you cant find any look on sites including
Shop around

Visit charity shops, flea markets or second-hand furniture shops often. Build up a repartee with the vendors and let them know what you’re looking for. Vintage almost always means unique, and you don’t want to miss out on that perfect dresser, cabinet or chair.

Examine the exterior

Vintage furniture like that has been around a lot longer than modern, mass-produced items. This means it is more likely to have some signs of wear and tear. Some scratches and scuffs can easily be buffed out, but look closely for anything that is going to be irreparable or detrimental to the piece. Trashed furniture isn’t a bargain… vintage or not.

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Don’t forget the interior

Look closely at the “bones” of the piece, too. Drawers should slide out without obstruction, panels should fit together properly, and frames should be sturdy and strong. Any uneven panels or deep cracks should ring alarm bells.

Consider lesser-known brands

Vintage experts may be on the lookout for some of their favourite designers or brands, but don’t discount the lesser-known brands. You may stumble across manufacturers from the same time that you haven’t heard of but that are still great quality, so don’t limit yourself. You may even find a new favourite brand in your search!

Look for quality

As a general rule, older furniture was generally made to last, and the workmanship is often better than what you might see today. However, don’t assume that all furniture from yesteryear will be of perfect quality. Research your brands and look for signs of quality, such as dovetail joints and high-end materials.


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