Creative Decluttering Tips to Try at Home

Nowadays, the idea of living a simple and clutter-free life attracts many people. But the road to achieving this can be rough. Some people find it overwhelming to let go of the things they are used to living with.

Living in a clutter-free home and owning fewer possessions have many benefits, including focusing better on a task. If you are having difficulty decluttering, here are some creative ways to do so.

  • Fill a trash bag. One of the easiest ways to declutter your home is to fill a trash bag with things you no longer use. If the items you put inside the bag are still usable, donate them to the nearest charity in your area. Otherwise, click here to hire a skip to start your decluttering journey.
  • Begin with 5 minutes at a time. Most people find it overwhelming to let go of some of their possessions. To make it a little easier, try to slowly build momentum by removing clutter five minutes every day.
  • Donate clothes. Identify the clothes you are not wearing for a long time, then donate them. If you aren’t planning to wear some clothes in your wardrobe ever again, take them out and pack them inside a box or bag. This way, you can free some space in your closet. It is also an excellent opportunity to organize your stuff.
  • Give an item each day. Extra stuff might be holding you back from living the best life. So, why not try giving away one thing every day? Doing this for a year can help you remove 365 items you’re no longer using.
  • Make a checklist. Having a visual presentation of the things you want to eliminate will make the task easier. Unfortunately, some people don’t know where to start. So, making a checklist before decluttering helps reduce the time and stress of thinking about whether to discard or keep an item.
  • Try the four-box method. Prepare four boxes and label them: give away, trash, re-locate, and keep. Then, declutter one room at a time, placing items into one of the boxes. Applying this method might take days to months, but it can help you determine what to do with your stuff.
  • Look at your space like a first-time visitor. As an owner, it is easier to overlook what your home looks like. But, do you ever think of how your guests view your home? Try entering your home and look at it like you are a first-time visitor. Afterward, write your impression of how organized and clean your home is, then make necessary changes.
  • Capture before and after photos of an area. Before decluttering, you can also capture an image of a small space in your home like your wardrobe, kitchen counter, or entertainment area. Then, afterward, take an after photo to see how it looks. This method can inspire you to declutter more places in your home.

Ultimately, getting started is the most challenging part of decluttering. But, it is also the most crucial step to living a simple and clutter-free life.

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