How often should a mattress be replaced?

The passage of time and the continued use of the mattress lead to its progressive wear, which can interfere with the quality of sleep and harm it. To guarantee your rest, it is advisable to change it from time to time to improve your sleep hours and wake up with more energy tomorrow after morning. But how often do you have to change a mattress? When to change a memory foam mattress? How often should a mattress be replaced? And a spring or spring mattress? If you are asking yourself these questions repeatedly, it is time to end the problem and find out everything about why and when a mattress needs to be changed to fulfill its main objective: to guarantee the restful sleep you need night after night.

How often should a mattress be replaced?

how often should a mattress be replaced

As you well know, rest is one of the fundamental pillars to live in a healthy way. However, sometimes we do not pay full attention to the quality of our sleep and we bet on mattresses that do not have the essential qualities to guarantee optimal day-to-day rest. Therefore, if we do not change it when it plays, we can end up suffering the consequences of bad rest, get to have sleep problems and be more tired during the day, as well as have back pain, among other problems.

Also, like many other products, mattresses also have an expiration date. There are certain factors that influence its durabilities, such as the passage of time or the use and maintenance that is given to it, which if it is not adequate can reduce its useful life. What are these factors directly influence the quality of the mattress? We encourage you to carry out an analysis of all of them to see if the time has come to renew the mattress you sleep on every night, so take note of the following aspects.

Mattress age

What is the lifetime of a mattress? Generally, mattresses have a half-life of 10 years. However, this will always depend on other factors that can directly influence its durability, such as the use or treatment you give it. Thus, the age of the mattress is very important to take into account when changing it, since the passage of time affects the progressive wear of the manufacturing materials, which can end up damaging the health of sleep.

If it has been well cared for, it is recommended to renew the latex or memory foam mattress every 10 years or so or, if it is a spring or spring mattress, renew it every 8 or 10 years.

Use of the mattress

The use that is given to the mattress is one of the most significant factors when deciding its renewal since it can directly determine its useful life. Is the mattress you want to renew for daily or sporadic use?

The answer to this question is significant because the wear of a mattress that you sleep on every day for years is much greater than that of one that you sleep on, for example, only on weekends. In the case of sporadic use of mattresses, their useful life can be twice as long, so you could change them between 15 and 20 years later.

Fabrication material

As we have pointed out before, the manufacturing material is also decisive when it comes to measuring the durability of a mattress and its quality. If the mattress is made with quality materials it will last much longer, although it does not have to be more expensive for that. In fact, today there are many inexpensive or special offer mattresses that are made from quality materials.

On the other hand, if it is made with a poor or easily worn material, for example, a basic foam, it will last less than the average number of years that we have indicated before and even less if you use it daily.

How often to change the mattress

In addition to the factors that condition the useful life of your mattress and that indicate that it must be changed at most every 8 or 10 years, in practice, there are certain assessable signs that will help you define when to change a mattress because they will be the sign that it is already it is in poor condition. Take note:

  • If you see that your mattress is sagging or deformed: if you notice that it has lost its original shape and that sunken areas or lumps have appeared, it is time to renew it. Sleeping on a deformed mattress can cause health problems both physically and emotionally, since optimal rest will not be guaranteed.
  • If you feel like you are not resting: if you wake up day after day tired, your mattress may be asking you for a change. Optimal rest is synonymous with health, so you should pay attention to your body when you get up. If your body shows signs of exhaustion or even if your back hurts after sleeping between 7 and 8 hours, which are recommended, you will need to change the mattress.
  • If you don’t sleep: if you have a hard time falling asleep, despite being tired, and you don’t stop tossing and turning or feeling uncomfortable, it may also be an indication that you need to renew your bed.
  • Weight change and health problems: if since you have your current mattress until now you have changed weight, whether you have lost a lot or have gained a lot, or if you have any disease or condition related to the joints, muscles or Even with aspects of respiratory health, it is advisable to check if the type of mattress you have is still adequate or if it would be better for you to acquire a new one. The doctor will be able to guide you on what type of materials for your bed you need.

How to choose a new mattress?

Now that you know the importance of changing your mattress, it is necessary to know how to choose a replacement correctly. Keep these tips in mind when buying a new mattress :

  • Always think about your real needs to ensure that you acquire a mattress that will fit your room but, above all, will adjust to your body and provide you with a good rest.
  • Keep your budget in mind and look for cheap but good quality mattresses. Do not rush to buy a cheap mattress without first checking its quality, because if it is a cheaper mattress than others of similar qualities because the manufacturer has opted for lower quality material, you will notice it in your health in a short time after you start using it. . Top-tier manufacturers will use good quality materials even if they sell the mattresses at a cheaper price.
  • Check the characteristics of the mattress: materials, durability, size … With all this information you can select the best mattress to meet your needs.
  • Always check that the product has a guarantee.
  • Test the mattress before you buy it to see if it feels comfortable. The goal is to get a good rest, so the comfort you feel from the first moment is basic.
  • Remember that having a good mattress is essential to sleep well and rest better. If you want your life to be much healthier, take into account all these tips to be able to change your mattress for a much better one. You will notice the difference!
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