Where is the Neymar House and What Does It Look Like?

Just in case you still do not know one of the football players of the moment, before explaining details about Neymar house, we will introduce you to a bit of character. His full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, although Neymar Jr. or even Ney much better know him among his friends and teammates.

Where is the Neymar house?

Neymar house

Neymar Jr (25 years old) already has a house in Paris. The Brazilian footballer who has become the footballer of the moment after leaving FC Barcelona and signing for PSG (Paris Saint Germain) after paying these 222 million euros of his termination clause. It has bought a mansion in Bougival, a Rich municipality 13 kilometers from the French capital.

The mansion, of 1,000 square meters built on five floors, is situated on a plot of 5,000 meters. It is a futuristic house, with terraces, skylights and even a pool in the basement.

This is the house that Neymar Jr. just bought. You may also see the mansion of L. Messi.

This area already lives some teammates of his new team, such as Layvin Kurzawa, and the neighborhood is only ten kilometers from the PSG training center. There are also famous neighbors like actor Gerar Depardieu and, formerly, playing Ronaldinho.

At the moment it is a quiet place. The people who choose to live in Bougival are very discreet. Bougival shines for its heritage and the banks of the Seine. Likewise, the theme of tranquility is highlighted, which would be affected by the arrival of the player and the stir caused by his figure. Above all, the arrival of amateurs and paparazzi is feared.

He is currently one of the best soccer players in the world, along with Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and why not, his other companion of the trident, Luis Suárez?

Before signing in 2013 for the Barcelona team, Neymar began to be known in Brazil, in Santos to be specific. It is said that it has always been so good that after 15 years he was already earning large sums of money.

His salary at Barça as a footballer is entering almost 9 million euros per year. To this, we must add, apart from some businesses you may have, the incredible bonuses that you get in the advertising. Keep in mind that he is one of the most media players on the planet, and that makes him have the cash through the clouds.

Do we know that money to buy a super residence is not lacking but is it all luxury in your home? Let’s find out!

Where Neymar currently lives?

Neymar house at present

Knowing that he is an FC Barcelona player, it is not necessary to be a fortune teller to know that his domicile is in the city of Barcelona. To be more exact, he lives in the luxurious neighborhood of Pedralbes since 2013. It is a house of 500 square meters on a plot of approximately 1000 that he got thanks to the fact that its owner is an important English businessman with ties to the club. Its initial rental price was € 18,000 per month.

It is quite close to the field, and that is a bonus. Also, it is one of the quietest areas of the city where you can go for a walk without anyone bothering you too much.

If you see a long projection in Spain, and in Bcn specifically, Neymar would like to buy the house instead of paying rent, so everything will be seen. Something that we do know since your arrival is that you would love to have the sea near where you live.

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