Why Air Conditioner Smells Bad? Follow the Tricks to Fix It

Sometimes we do not explain why an air conditioner smells bad, especially when in the room in which we use it there are no bad smells or smoking, but the truth is that without coming to mind we can begin to notice that a certain strange smell appears when we turn on the air conditioner.

The odor does not necessarily have to appear due to an external factor but may be due to bad installation or a problem in it.

Why air conditioner smells bad?

A common cause of bad odors is from dirty filters. We very often forget that air conditioning equipment requires preventive maintenance at least once a year, where filter cleaning is a super important point for our equipment to function 100% and these give rise to the appearance of different bacteria that are the cause of bad odors, especially that musty smell or “Vinegar” due to fungi and bacteria.

why air conditioner smells bad

When this occurs and the filters become saturated with dirt, these particles begin to seep into the unit, depositing themselves in the exchanger, the drain pan and the fan itself.

Believe it or not, this happens, and the main reason is that when the filter begins to saturate it does not trap dirt as when it is clean, this is so since the filters of the air conditioning are made of nylon, a material that with the same step The air is charged with static electricity, attracting more particles than in the air.

This point is the most important to keep our air conditioning out of bad odors. When the dirt has passed the filter and has been deposited in the internal exchanger, the drain pan and the fan, cleaning will become much more difficult and expensive.

The recommended thing when we see that our filters are blind from dirt is to check the aforementioned parts since otherwise, the odors will continue to appear even once we have cleaned them. You can discover the reason and solution of fridge smells like dead animal.

Bad Installation

One of the most important points that an installer has to take into account is the installation of the drain, since this always has to be sloped so that the water comes out under its own weight and does not get stuck in the tray. If this happens and the water does not come out correctly it will stagnate and over time it will start to smell bad.

It is very important that the drain has a siphon made in case it is directly connected to the drain of another machine such as the washing machine, (this frequently happens when duct machines are installed in bathrooms or laundry rooms) or from any other place where produce odors, since when there is no water in it the odors will rise through the pipe and when we turn on the air it will distribute it throughout the room or house.

Clean AC properly

The best option to remove the bad smell from the indoor unit is bleach lowered with water. Just look for a bottle and a sprayer and fill us in this ratio:

  • 1/4 of the container with bleach.
  • 3/4 of the container with water.

Now, once the filters are clean, spray them with the water with bleach and let them dry without rinsing. Then pour the contents of the bottle into the radiator or internal exchanger, so that the water falls into the drain pan and disinfects it, in addition to disinfecting and cleaning the drain tube.

If the ventilation turbine is dirty (as seen in the image above), you will have no choice but to clean it well with a brush or any other utensil that removes all dirt. once done, spray with the water with bleach as well.

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