Precautions to take before AC installation The Woodlands, TX.

Have you bought a new AC for your house? If you are thinking of installing and looking for the right location, then you need to read these precautions. The air conditioner should not be installed at any place in the house as you wish. When you set it up as per the guidance by the experts of AC installation The Woodlands, TX it can function well and also supplies proper cooling to your residence. We suggest buying air conditioners with five-star ratings and also the latest brand. This way, it functions well, does not require much maintenance, and aids in saving electricity.

Most people do not follow these important tips and their enthusiasm about their new AC fails within a few years. Due to poor installation practices, the air conditioner would show various signs of repair, high electricity bills, and needs regular services. In this post, we have shared key points to consider during AC installation The Woodlands, TX.

Selecting the air conditioner’s location:

The customers do not have much idea about where to fix the AC in their house. In some cases, they take their own decision or as per their house situation, while some consumers install as per the installation technician’s suggestions. Before installing, you have to know the requirements and also discuss and share your entire doubts regarding AC installation with the technician.

Window Air Conditioner:

  • The window air conditioner can be set up above the window. This way, the cool, heavy air remains downward and creates a cool airflow cycle. At some houses, the opening would have been already set up by the builder. In this case, you can use the same location for fixing the air conditioner.
  • Ensure that the sun does not fall directly over the condenser as it can trouble the condenser’s efficiency and performance during peak summer. Due to this, you would notice poor cooling. But if you cannot avoid this, you can add a sunshade above the air conditioner’s condenser. You have to set up on the window slab and this way, you can install the sunshade. Ensure to remain careful as at times the birds may try to create a nest in the gaps.

Split Air Conditioner:

  • The outdoor unit of the split AC should be easy to access from the balcony, surface platform, or window for servicing and cleaning when required.
  • Direct sunlight should not fall on the AC’s outdoor unit since it can affect the condenser’s performance. But if you think it cannot be avoided, you can add a sunshade above the outdoor unit.
  • The installation technician has to maintain a certain gap between the outdoor unit and the wall for the fan motor to develop sufficient airflow through the condenser.
  • The condensate gets stored in the AC’s drain pad and passes down without obstruction. If it does not move easily, it has chances to end up in water leakage. It can even cause wall damage where it may need extensive repairs.
  • The refrigerant consists of two pipes that are fixed to the outside unit. The first pipe delivers the air that has to be cooled. The second pipe moves the cool air into the indoor unit.

Important checking while installation:

After completing the installation, you have to check the following things.

  1. The temperature taking place on the outflow part and the temperature on the suction side
  2. The energy used by the air conditioner while the compressor is not in function and when the compressor is functioning.
  3. Input voltage

Ensure to maintain a record of these basic measurements as you can use it for evaluating after each service.

AC maintenance:

It is important to plan for scheduled maintenance for your air conditioner. The maintenance should involve cleaning, evaluating the energy consumption, and checking the gas pressure. When the air conditioner is not maintained well, it can result in more electricity consumption and less cooling.

What to do during AC servicing?

When you have booked for AC maintenance, ensure that the contractor is cleaning the AC coils to the best imaginable standard. The contractor should take the necessary measurements and observations as part of AC service and maintenance.

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